Xbox 360 Preview Program

Starting in early March select invitees will be able to join the Xbox 360 Preview program. This will work much like the Xbox One preview – and selected customers will be able to sign-up directly from their Xbox 360. Look for a special Xbox Live message then head to Settings, then account then under account management if you’ve been selected, you’ll see Xbox 360 Preview Registration. Sign up there and enroll your console. Nothing will happen yet, but we’ll let you know when the Preview is ready to begin through a Xbox Live message.

In our upcoming release will be addressing common customer issues including improving the ability to troubleshoot common network issues from the 360 and adding a Network Connectivity test including Download and Upload speed tests.

There will be even more changes coming later this year – so sign up to be a part of the Xbox 360 Preview Program.

Look for the message


  • Lee Goodman

    u should have a message on your xbox 360 telling u about the program.


  • OldManLight

    One thing the 360 really needs is a list of installed and not installed but available digital downloads tied to your xbox live account. all this games with gold stuff is amazing but it’s getting to the point between my purchased games and my games with gold offerings that i need a “library” list like steam to tell me what’s there.


  • Maritox

    Who wants the gold shared again on the accounts of the same console? Let me play the games that arent on the Xbox One and i could play online with my family!

    Help me Larry!


  • stephen

    I was actually invited to try it! Awesome.


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