Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two: Contemplation is Now Available for Xbox

Resident EvilTitle: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two: Contemplation
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Game Description: Resident Evil Revelations 2 follows two interwoven stories of terror across 4 episodes of intense survival horror. In Episode Two, Claire and Moira have escaped the detention facility and joined up with other Terra Save members, only to learn they are infected with a deadly virus. Can the group overcome desperation and fear to escape the island alive?

NOTE: Requires Episode One to play. Do NOT purchase Episode Two if you already own Resident Evil Revelations 2 Season Pass or the Complete Season bundle.

Purchase Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Episode Two) for Xbox One from Xbox Games Store

Purchase Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Episode Two) for Xbox 360 from Xbox Games Store

Purchase Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Complete Season for Xbox One from Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Twitter: @RE_Games

34 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two: Contemplation is Now Available for Xbox

      1. Yeah you will have a good time with it as I know your like me and enjoy a bit of stealth with your action. The raid mode is quite challenging too and plenty of levels.

        I’m suprised you didn’t go for the digital release as you usually do. Or are you still broke like me from that last sale?

      2. Sweet it sounds great.

        Nope I actually buy 95% of my xbox one games on disc! Mostly because I’m a collector and I love seeing my shelves packed with games haha. Digital is so much more convenient though ! I actually wish the xbox one games were like how it was supposed to be originally how once you install the game from the disc you don’t need it anymore lol then I would have the best of both worlds.

      3. Snap that is exactly what I wanted, funnily enough I liked the original MS vision.

        Other than steam this is my first all digital console. The 360 I had a mixture of the two.

        I was buying retail but switched to digital once the offers started and realised that the console was virtually silent when just running from the HD, I’m a bit of a sucker for quite tech. I know it was still quite with discs but still now its silent.

        Also I found that the retail games didn’t update properly until you inserted the game disc again.

        But of course the main advantage is the fact my Mrs can’t count the game cases anymore:)

      4. HAHA I know all about that! The struggle is real. When I was building my pc recently I would be getting the packages and opening them and hiding the evidence before she got home lmao.

        Yeah I’m loving digital on pc. Crazy prices ! It’s great. Man I can’t stop watching witcher trailers. I cannot wait for that game! I’m playing through them on pc now just beat 1 and in the middle of 2 now.. that game still looks so incredible on pc especially in 4k lol

      5. That is so funny that is exactly what I do.

        Ah 4K now i’m jealous. I’m still paying the price with the Mrs for buying a Titan gpu no chance I can spend any more on my PC for awhile.

        Yes Steam prices are great also check out CDkeys as I recently picked up Watchdogs and Shadow of Mordor for 9.99 each on there. They gave me steam keys which work fine.

      6. That’s awesome. Great deals! As for a gpu you’re definitely better off with a 2 gtx 980s than 1 titan! Hell even just 1 980. Titans are more for developing games than they are best used for playing them.

      7. No I bought the 1st Titan Ithink it was the 780 series back then the 980s weren’t out. To be honest I chose it for the 6GB Vram as I have a superwide monitor it was overkill but I hadn’t upgraded since the 480 so treated myself.

      8. They are mostly accounts though aren’t they where you buy an account with the game rather than add that game to your libary?

        Also weren’t they the ones that got into trouble recently for selling illegal codes?

      9. Nope G2A is either a code or a steam gift from a seller sent instantly.
        I’m pretty sure they got into trouble for selling faulty codes but have since implemented a protection system. Really good if you want a cheap AAA game

      10. alright i’ll add you once I’m on Steam, playing a bit of resident evil revelations 2. I’m really new to steam as well only been on it for less than a month.

      11. Same here bro! Only just recently built my pc. I think I have 18 or 19 games in my steam library.

        I actually preordered the witcher 3 on there yesterday because it was on sale for like 45 dollars. Couldn’t pass that up.

      12. You should, one of the best co op games around.
        I use KB/M for shooters, puzzles and stuff like that.
        Controller for Shadow of Mordor

      13. The original MS vision was a ploy to take away all our rights to re-sell, rent, loan out or do just about anything with our games except buy then once and be stuck with them forever. Even for collector’s that is not very appealing.

      14. Best of both worlds but you can then never sell someone the physical game you own. That’s some major drawback. Even as a collector you will sometimes want to sell a really bad game, or sell a game once a remastered edition has come out. Etc.

      15. That’s the second part of it that they didn’t advertise.
        Supposedly you could remove your licence and trade the game in.

      1. Mine took a bit longer but I was trying to find some secrets. Still it was great whilst it lasted though.

        I wish that they had done more with the village though as I was hoping for a bit of Resi 4 village action.

  1. Enjoying it!! caved in and got digital, also games with gold rayman is SICK game, most fun platformer i played in ages, imagine SoTn remake with gfx like that….

    1. No, Telltale generally doesn’t give a release date till the week before or the the week of an episode release. I can’t wait for episode 2 myself

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