Xbox Store Spring Sale – Weekend Offers

The Xbox Store’s Spring Sale is still going on and includes even more deals going on this weekend. These offers are valid until 12 April while the rest of the weekly offers are valid until 13 April. You can see the Spring Sale weekly offers on my post here or over at the Xbox Store – Xbox One Deals and Xbox 360 Sales.

To see all of the Spring Sale offers on movies and TV shows, check out the Xbox Video store.

Xbox One


Content Title Content Type Gold Discount Silver Discount
Kalimba Xbox One Game 40% 33%
Just Dance 2015 Xbox One Game 40% 33%
Trivial Pursuit Live! Xbox One Game 33% 25%
Guacamelee! STCE Xbox One Game 60% 50%
The Golf Club Xbox One Game 67% 60%
Risk Xbox One Game 50% 40%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Spring Sale deals are valid for Xbox Live Gold and Silver members.

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Gold Discount Silver Discount
Peggle  Arcade 75% 67%
Rock Band Blitz Arcade 60% 50%
Zeno Clash UE Arcade 75% 67%
Zuma’s Revenge! Arcade 75% 67%
Peggle Nights Content Pack Add-on 60% 50%
Dungeon Defenders Arcade 67% 60%
Just Dance 2015 Games On Demand 40% 33%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Spring Sale deals are valid for Xbox Live Gold and Silver members.


99 thoughts on “Xbox Store Spring Sale – Weekend Offers

      1. I don’t have a Kinect though, that’s the issue. They’ll be great when I have one, but for the mean time I’m not buying Kinect games. I was hoping maybe Never Alone, Wolf Among Us, or something else would be on sale, but I’ll look up Kalimba. I already own Max and Guacamelee (Games with Gold) so there is no reason for me to buy those.

      2. Honestly, I’d recommend getting a Kinect as soon as you can. It really makes the entire Xbox One experience so much better. Plus, you’re missing out on some really great motion-controlled games (Fantasia, Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Dance Central Spotlight, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Xbox Fitness, Kinect Sports Rivals, etc.). I doubt the price will go down much whether you buy it now or a year from now.

      3. I know, I’m waiting for the summer to buy one (I’ve been really excited to get it), the problem was I was running out of space on my Xbox so I got an external HDD rather than a Kinect. Plus, since I’m up at school and my Xbox is at home, I figured there was no point for me to buy the Kinect yet, especially since I could play D4 with a controller (which I loved btw, amazing game).

      4. See, most of my friends that have one use it to navigate through apps and such, but really dont play any games with it. I do want to play some of the Kinect centric games that are out already so I dont think it’d be a complete waste for me:)

      5. D4 is even better with Kinect, especially the action sequences. When you get a Kinect, it’s worth replaying it with Kinect, perhaps in preparation for Season 2.

      6. D4 doesn’t require Kinect and its a great game without. If you own Xbox one you shouldn’t deprive yourself of that game under any circumstance. Especially since it was gwg like in September

      7. I never said D4 requires Kinect. I said it is a great Kinect game. And it is. I’ve played it both ways: it’s better with Kinect.

        D4 was not a Games with Gold game in September. It launched in September and was a Games with Gold game in January.

      8. sports rivals and dark dreams are the only games that are good there and dark dreams is better with a controler anyway way less annoying . the kienct is not woth a purchase as i have two x1 with kiencts and its only good to use if you make videos but for in game like say dragon age its garbage you have to repeat your self 3 times and by that time in those games thats way to late . if i new you i would sell you my un opened keinct for $30-$40 .

      9. Wrong. Fantasia, Dance Central, Just Dance, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Blue Estate, and Xbox Fitness are also great to good Kinect games. Also, Dark Dreams Don’t Die was significantly better using Kinect. Anyone who played it with a controller got an inferior experience.

      10. I’m dying for TWAU too. Got hooked on Telltale recently, and really want to grab that when it’s on sale but never seems to happen.

      11. I had already played TWAU and TWD, but I really wanted Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands, so I just bought the Telltale Games Collection that was on sale for $50 down from $110 and it got me every single Telltale game, including the season passes for GoT and Borderlands.

      12. I already have TWD 1 & 2 and the BL season pass, and GoT doesn’t interest me, so no point getting it just for TWAU. If yoyu don’t have any of them though it’s a great deal when on sale.

      13. Don’t worry, I completely understand where you’re coming from. They should have the individual parts on sale more often.

      14. Yes. Kalimba was the best puzzle platformer of 2014. Max was the best puzzle platformer of 2013. And Fantasia is the best Kinect game ever made, and the best music game ever made. They’re all superb.

      1. For the PS4 the majority of games have already been on sale on the X1 for the same price, are on sale now, are on GwG or you can get the, through EA Access. Current gen sales are pretty much the same tbh.

      1. Greg Miller pointed out that everything was really buggy and constantly had the game laggy in not only the menus, but also in game. (for some reason my original comment was removed. It might have been because it included a link.)

  1. Picked up The Golf Club seeing as The Masters is on. Its a good golf game, not much else you can really do with golf but been a few years since I played one so I thought why not.

  2. For what it’s worth Guacamelee was a really fun game in my opinion.
    Unfortunately, this sale just isn’t for me. I have very specific/picky things I’m looking for in sales in this season 🙂

  3. Kalimba is fantastic. The graphics are nothing impressive, but it’s a really challenging and fun puzzle platformer. I would HIGHLY recommend it. I’ve done pretty much everything there is. The only thing I’m really missing is the all gold totem for coop. I’ve beaten coop solo (doing both controllers at once) so I could unlock shorthanded mode and play the coop campaign solo with all the buttons mapped to one controller. I would highly recommend the whole game. I would not recommend trying to get an all gold totem in coop without a partner. I got a few of the levels with a gold totem on my own, but it’s really hard.

  4. Would anyone honestly recommend Zeno Clash? I’m a little torn if whether or not I should pick it up. Watching gameplay of it on YT doesn’t seem to do enough justice, and really don’t have time to play the demo.

    1. yes for $3 it is a blast and it has a great story to follow , plus the fighting is decent . I highly reccomend it for that price as i have it on the 360 and pc

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Activision is by far the stingiest in regards to putting their products on sale – unless it has “Ghosts” in the title.

  5. …thats it? The Xbox One deals this entire week have been super underwhelming. If you guys at Microsoft expect us to buy digital, then you should offer some more compelling pricing on games

  6. Oh Mr Nelson, always forgetting to list all the deals.

    Flockers 40% off (50% with Gold)
    Worms Battlegrounds 40% off (50% with Gold)
    Rock of Ages 60% off (67% with Gold)

  7. I’m hoping there will be much better offerings coming up. I personally will never buy a kinect game and will never own the kinect. For myself I have my reasons, but even my family isn’t interested.

      1. Of course with your Payday avatar, you could not hope to appreciate Kalimba, Risk, or Golf Club. Only gun and crime and military games for you, I imagine.

  8. the x1 deals are not that bad

    finally got golf club down to a normal 12.50 rational price vs. the 30-35 or so it cost when it was first released if i recall

  9. Yippeeee I am very excited…….as a American living in the U.K. , I have just found a box of 10 Hostess Twinkies in my local bargain store B+M for just £2.99 – 5 boxes bought .

    As for the X box weekend sale………….I feel sick , ate a few too many Twinkies .

      1. Yes they do .
        Prior to that I used buy them from Tesco at £8 for 6 – so you can see why I stocked up on them , my purchase from B+M works out at 50 Twinkies for £15 .
        Try them and be addicted 🙂

      2. The more i know, Damm all this time curious as to what a twinkie tastes like and we have them in the UK… (I’ll probably have a go to the big B&M though)
        There was a time i was addicted to Milky Way Crunch Rolls, if you haven’t tried them please do

    1. If your local B&M is like the one I use to work at then make sure you check those expire dates because 90% of the stock in that store were out of date.

  10. Don’t buy Monopoly! Hello, I took advantage of a few of these sales, Risk, Trivial pursuit, and Monopoly to be exact. And NONE of them are amazing, but hey they are somewhat fun. But Monopoly has such a major flaw I hope they don’t make any more money. Monopoly has a timer, which on paper might be a wise decision because you don’t want people waiting around forever. But this timer is not obvious and doesn’t make a sound to help bring it to your attention that time is running out. Still not the worst right? Well here is the kicker, if time runs out you go BANKRUPT and lose the game! I was playing last night with my friends we were at least an hour in and I was looking at the board seeing who has what properties and making descisions on what to trade. when all of the sudden BAM “you were away too long and went bankrupt” I was NOT away, I was moving the controller and doing stuff. This is Monopoly, it takes time to think of what to do when you are discussing trades. But nope I just lost the game without warning. Also on a side note I am not sure if this is a rule that I never played with, but somehow we maxed out the amount of houses and I was not allowed to put a house on my property because they were all used up. This was obsurd and while trying to figure out why we could not put another house one of my friends met my same fate and became bankrupt. All of these hasbro games while somewhat fun are in no way impressive and the developers do not deserve money for making them.

      1. I looked and could not find it. I like to think I am pretty competent on playing games so if I can’t find it that means it’s not there or they did a real bad job at user friendly options

  11. This week sales on Xbox One :
    NHL 15 : 50% off

    Metro Redux 50% off

    Metro last light : 40% off

    Metro 2033 : 40% off

    Defense Grid 2 : 75% off

    Evil Within : 50% off

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