Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is Now Available for Xbox One

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: ChinaTitle: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
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Game Description: Exact Shao Jun’s vengeance on the Chinese Emperor in stunning 16th century China. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles brings the thrill of being a master Assassin into 2.5D. Scout, sneak and hide to avoid detection. Fool enemies using whistles and disguises. Find your target, kill and escape.

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Product Info:
Developer: Climax Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Website: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
Twitter: @assassinscreed

77 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is Now Available for Xbox One

    1. I agree… Besides that lil princess game (can’t remember the name, gwg not pool)… All others are trash IMO. This game is good… Kind of a knock of mark of the ninja, which was rather great… Still playing this.

      1. Child of light, yes their Ubiart games are good. Valiant Hearts was a wonderful game. I do not think that is the same team making these other games

      2. Yes, child of light… I haven’t played VH yet, I’m actually scared because it is UBI… I myself don’t can’t understand how they constantly spit out these lame AC titles (not including this one) and nobody says anything… I’m sorry, but let me stop before I get banned.

      3. for the most part the AC games ARE fun, I am not saying what they make isn’t fun. I wam walking the thin line and saying although they are fun I have little respect for them as a company because they and not trying to go above and beyond. Also get VH it is so good!

  1. another slap to Canadian gamers by Xbox, why do you think ps4 is selling like hot cakes they have the games and they don’t pull this stuff , on psn you know every game 2 weeks in advance before release on the x1 it just appears and then this junk saying its available when its clearly not in 95% of the world . next time try letting us know because there are other countries not just the US

      1. same , tired of this junk it happened with ninjitsu also it took 3 months to get that game here. Also to the other guy some people don’t have all day to game and have a little window so its a big deal when they say it will be out and never shows plus Xbox should look at psn to see how store is done . every game is up weeks in advance so you know what is coming out and there is info on the xbox also Xbox one games just show up with no warning at all and every game is cheaper on psn any way because Sony does not charge tax and in my area why would i buy a game with lower resolution for more money or even if they were identical why pay $20 and tax so its $24 here but on Sony its $20 no tax .

      2. Are you a bit special?
        If the content isn’t released in your country yet, you just change the console region in settings and buy it from their store instead.
        I thought this was common knowledge..

    1. So if you see a 3rd party game that you know is going to be on both consoles it’s safe to assume the day it’s out for the ps4, it will be out for the XBO as well. As for the store, just be patient for a few hours while they update it. If you don’t play it the second it’s released, will you pass out and die? Don’t think so.

      But then again I don’t know what it’s like over there personally. Every game that goes on sale is ready to go the second they are allowed to sell it. Do they have a certain times they update the store by you guys?

      1. It’s okay if there is some “store inventory” delay. But here Major Nelson has the post saying the game is AVAILABLE, ACTUALLY IT IS NOT! That’s the point we don’t like. You got it? Is there any good excuse that game availability on XBL is behind PSN?

      2. No, I’m not blaming Major, I’m blaming XBL. Region other than US is not a good excuse for release behind PSN. Changing region is more complicated than just buy it on PSN, you should know that. If you love Xbox, your love should be based on the service it provides. Now I can play the game on PSN, but not on XBL, and you guys told me this situation is acceptable. Holy…

      3. Changing region is easy on Xbox one, it a few simple clicks and then restart your console, an yes it is acceptable because anyone who been on Xbox since 2007 knows how the market place gets updated. DLC is Tuesdays Wednesday was the day for new games waiting a few hours to play a game is no big deal when my back logs keeps growing

      4. You do realize this site is based in the USA, going by US time correct? Obviously there will be time delays. Not to mention, it’s not majors job to inform the world when their games are ready. You got it???? Wait a bit, it will be there.

        PSN has an annoying store update time and date as well. There were a ton of time I had to wait till like 7pm my time before I could even purchase a game to play it. It happens on both systems to a degree, it is annoying but it is what it is.

        This generation and “I must have everything now when I demand it” mentality.. yeesh.

    2. Who cares!!! Just come to the USA so you can stop… Just kidding, its kind of messed up but its not a AAA title and to be honest your not missing much

      1. I love Far Cry 4, but AC Unity.. I only have like 2hrs into it and I really don’t feel like playing it lol. Think I’ll bust the story missions out to just beat it and move on. Think I’m done with that series for a good while.

      2. I loved far cry 3 and I enjoy far cry 4, but when I say quality I mean go above and beyond from making the same thing or the bare minimum. Far cry 4 is a re skined far cry 3 with nothing notably improved… well I gues the elephants are really great. But I personally have a hard time knowing where to go next sometimes. And AC is the same thing year after year like COD. I am particularly mad at Ubisoft because the other week there was a sale which included monopoly, risk, and trivial pursuit which I bought all 3 of. They are ok games, but Ubisoft did NOTHING but the bare minimum. and they put a game breaking timer in monopoly which I am most upset about.

      3. Trust me, I know what you mean. I thought we would see a ton more done with physics in games that what we have now. I’m pretty sick of not being able to go down a hallway because I get get over two chairs and a table lol.
        As for FC4, same here! I’m trying to do the campaign quests to get through the game, but I can never find them! It’s great the map is so detailed, but man, show me where the next one is. You can wander for hours without really knowing what you should be doing next to advance the story.

  2. Still not available on the Canada store, it’s like they want us to buy it for PS4. Also, like others said, we should have a release date list on the Xbox One game tab, because, often, games we don’t know appear on the store…and i’m tired of this.

      1. well it worked because he bought it on ps4 as i did and i am sure a lot others who own both did also plus its cheaper on the ps4 as they don’t charge tax so its $10 but on x1 in my area it comes to $12 something and when you buy full price games that adds a lot to the price . Plus its not like Xbox is doing amazing they should be catering and stepping up because they have no games when the Sony has new games weekly like today over 5 new games on Sony and Xbox not one in Canada . Plus they waste money buying mine craft when they should have been using that on new studios and ips or buying games for the system like these great games that are only on ps4 or will be soon like star ocean , touikden , undead & undressed , disega 5 , persona 5 , final fantasy MMO and x/x2 , one piece pirate warrior and so may more great games and that’s not counting the hundreds of indie games .

      1. I had forgotten that this was supposed to be part of the season pass and couldn’t find a reference to the Unity Season Pass content to confirm it, so forgive me if my comment offended as it was not intended to do so.

  3. Remember how exciting and fresh Assassin’s Creed was? Or how awesome Assassin’s Creed 2 was? Whatever happened to this franchise…

    We all have to poop once in a while, but nobody enjoys diarhea…

      1. Yeah that is what I did for Neverwinter – but come on it is getting ridiculous when time and again we are missed on releases

  4. I love me some AC, so this will be downloaded as soon as possible. Yes, there were issues with Unity. I kinda expected it since they were working with a new console. I’ll judge them based on the new AC out this November. That one looks super cool, and quite frankly, I am a AC junkie. So there’s that. AC sold really well. I expect the newest one, the victorian age one, to sell really well. Assassin’s Creed isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, thankfully =).

    Anytime a series goes yearly, there are going to be very very good ones, the best in the series, and then there will be flops. And everybody is going to have a differing opinion on which ones are the flops and the best of the series. Personally, I enjoyed that AC went back to its roots in Unity.

  5. I’m looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Turkey, where you go back in time to the Ottoman Empire and try to kill as many Armenians as you can.

  6. Some serious double standards up in this sh*t, it’s like a God dam conspiracy.

    I can’t even mention the name of that company you posted a link to without getting my comment moderated, let alone a link.

    Plus all the swearing I’ve seen lately.

    1. It’s not developed by Ubisoft.
      There’s no story.
      Looks pretty bad.
      2.5D game.
      If you’re a AC fan you have no reason to buy it as it seem to be more of a Mark of the ninja clone than a AC game.
      But since there’s AC in the game it will still sell millions.

      1. It’s a cool little puzzle game which involves shadows for some of the puzzles. It’s not a very long game, but some of the puzzles can be a little bit tricky.

  7. I thought season pass owners were supposed to get this for free? The Xbox website shows it as costing $9.99 for me. Or does this need to be bought directly on the Xbox One for it to show up as free?

    1. As far as I know in terms of Season pass content from Xbox 360, you have to load up the game and go to a downloadable content menu in game, the game will recognize that you have the SP installed and show any included content as free. Not sure if it works the same on Xbox One, but would make the most sense.

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