New Xbox Features Now Available in Preview

The Xbox experience across devices is becoming more robust this week as we begin to roll out a host of new features. You’ll notice some old favorites—like avatars—making a comeback, and brand new features—like testing streaming—setting the stage for bigger things to come. Let’s jump in!

  • Xbox on Windows 10

Here’s a closer look at the great new features coming to Xbox on Windows 10 with this month’s Xbox app preview:

Avatars – You can now download and launch the Avatars app from within the Xbox app. After the app is installed, select Customize > Customize your avatar to launch the Avatars app and edit, dress up, and buy new items for your avatar.

Friends updates – We’re making it easier to add friends, designate them as favorites and share your name from the Xbox app. The friends list will also show you which of your friends are in a party, playing multiplayer games, or broadcasting. You can also report or block people from the Xbox app.

Game hubs – Similar to Xbox One, you can now view the game hub for an Xbox One game and view the activity feed curated by the game’s community manager. Click on any game tile, under Home > Recently played or elsewhere in the Xbox app, and you will be taken to the game hub.

Game DVR – You can now alter the keyboard shortcuts used for opening the Game Bar, starting and stopping recording, taking screenshots, and more. Also, you can now view and manage your cloud-based game clips from the Xbox app by selecting Game DVR > Shared.

Testing streaming – The Xbox team needs your help in providing information about your PC’s performance and connectivity characteristics as we prepare to enable game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs. To do this, connect your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC using the Xbox app: from the Connect menu, select your Xbox One console then choose Connect. Once connected, click on Test streaming to anonymously send the team diagnostic information about your PC and network settings.

Turn On/Off your Xbox One Console – The Connect menu in Xbox app has been updated to let you power your Xbox One on and off from your Windows 10 devices when they are on the same home network as your console.

The Xbox app will sign in using your primary Microsoft Account and associated gamertag that you use to sign into Windows 10. If you want to sign in with a different gamertag, you will need to set up a second Microsoft account on your Windows 10 PC. The ability to sign into the Xbox app with a different Microsoft Account/Xbox Profile will be re-enabled in a future update.

  • Xbox One updates

The Xbox team is gearing up for E3 in June and we’ve got some exciting things to share with you there, but first, this month we’re continuing to preview a few things while we gather feedback and work toward making them available to everyone.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in 11 new European countries – The team will continue to test the Xbox One Digital TV with our preview audience in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland, with plans to make it available to all customers in these countries later this summer. Earlier this week, we announced the retail availability of an over-the-air TV tuner for the U.S. & Canada as well.

Wireless Display app – We appreciate all the great feedback you’ve sent us and the team continues to make improvements to the Miracast functionality in the Wireless Display app based on that feedback. Keep it coming!

For more details about each of these features coming in the Preview update, check out the Xbox Wire.

We’ll continue to bring more great Xbox features your way on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10. Don’t forget to let us know what you think at Xbox Feedback.

72 thoughts on “New Xbox Features Now Available in Preview

      1. Not entirely so. The first time they did the streaming demonstration they used a Surface tablet. So with its integrated graphics and it being a tablet form factor, I don’t see how any desktop couldn’t achieve the same. Latency will be the biggest problem.

      2. It depends on how adaptive the streaming technology solution is. For example, I use PLEX to stream, and it detects and formats the video and audio for the network speed and device display that I’m using.

        I had a weak wireless router for a while, and the video streamed but it automatically downgraded the quality from 1080p to 720p because of a slow connection. After I upgraded to a better router with external antenna’s, I was able to get full 1080p with 20mpbs streaming speed.

        The moral of the story? it depends.

  1. Nice to see you guys keeping some secrets for E3. Last year most announcements were made before it and made the show a little less exciting.

    Not a lot of major features the past few weeks but i’m sure you’ve got some stuff to show at e3

    1. It sounds like game streaming isn’t quite ready, but very close. What’s been enabled right now is basically a diagnostic tool for them to see how the average person’s PC and XOne are speaking to each other.

      I’m super excited for game streaming too. Gonna be gaming out on the patio.

    1. It does exactly what it says.

      Testing streaming – The Xbox team needs your help in providing information about your PC’s performance and connectivity characteristics as we prepare to enable game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs

      EDIT: Pretty sure that doesn’t fit in 140 characters, hence the link to the article where it’s fully explained.

      1. It is a top requested feature in the feedback website, so it’s nice to see that they’re listening. I kinda liked them on my Xbox 360, hopefully they let us unlock more avatar stuff with achivments rather than Having to pay for them.

      2. I like avatars, it lets me customize my profile to more then just a name. Now people will relate whatever crazy looking avatar I make with me.

  2. The Wireless display app only works if you have Windows 8 or above, something they left out and didn’t even bother to tell us in the preview program, but usually got told we were idiots when we brought it up in the support forums

    Also if you have that app installed and try streaming something through your DLMA server through a computer with a non compatible operating system it won’t work at all till you uninstall it.

  3. Any one else think the streaming from the XO will be announced as working at E3 a curve ball would be seeing the same idea being introduced onto the 360. Imagine having a choice of XO / 360 games to play on the PC or even streaming from 360 to XO. You know that backward compatibility issue which hasn’t been mentioned for a while. That would certainly solve that problem and no doubt shift a few units & games along the way.

    1. Streaming from 360 to another device won’t be easy to implement, nigh impossible. The OS is already at its memory limit. It’s why TwitchTV also doesn’t have that option, otherwise it would have already been done.

  4. Excited for June. Unless there’s big stuff announced at E3, next month’s a tad light on features for Xbox one.

    But they’re going to run out at the pace they’ve been adding features so…

  5. Thank you for pushing the better performing console competition to up their game. Can’t wait to see the results once Microsoft actually ups its hardware game too, not just software.

      1. Yep just get rid of the black crush gamma profile, slow game downloads and installs and dodgey wireless controller connection and i’ll be happy.

        And for goodness sake build the next one with relevant hardware.

  6. Pumped for E3.

    If I am ever able to play my Xbox 360 video game collection on my Xbox One, I will never ever harp about a new future that should be added.


    Except when the next MS product comes out.

    But then after that

  7. hey major nelson can u make a special edition controller in a cool color or design that has lightup buttons for xyab and the 2 squares button an the 3 lines button that be cool thin bout it id buy 1

  8. It will be more interesting to update Reputation algorythm… and Add ability to remove game with 0 achievement… and add 3 news games over a game with 0 G doesn’t remove it…
    Reputation Algortyhm mess my Xbox live, i have now “Avoid Me” , i fall in 1 day playing “happy wars”…

      1. Is there a separate windows 10 preview invite for the app ? If so, could I get an invite. I’m already in the regular preview on the console. Ichabod13 is my GT. thanks

    1. They are working on the xbox one. Do you really think they want to preview stuff before E3? There wouldn’t be much of a surprise because everything would be posted online the minute people downloaded the preview.

  9. Over the air actually works everywhere in Europe now. No EPG support, though you can use what you can get from air. Select Ireland, sample TV list and it works. Hopefully this hack will not be destroyed.

  10. I think problem in my GeForce 7300GT. Before I had 8600 GT and video played good but it broke. My internet is 40 Mbit/s, I think it good for that purpose

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