SteamWorld Dig is Now Available for Xbox One

Content: SteamWorld Dig
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Game Description: SteamWorld Dig is a platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences. Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth, gaining riches while uncovering the ancient threat that lurks below…

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Product Info:
Developer: Image and Form
Publisher: Image and Form
Website: SteamWorld Dig
Twitter: @ImageForm

145 thoughts on “SteamWorld Dig is Now Available for Xbox One

  1. This game is a really fun mix between old school metroidvania character progression and world exploration and newer “dig deep” Terrarria style mechanics. I’ve got the 3DS version and have given it multiple playthroughs. Worth the download.

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      1. Steam games, as in the Steam client on the PC. I guess you have never heard of it. This game was released in 2013 on the PC for Steam.

      2. I know exactly what Steam is, and this is not, nor ever was meant as a Steam/PC exclusive since it released on the Nintendo DS at the same time.

      3. I never said it was an exclusive.
        NBA’s comment was about Steam games being on Xbox One. My reply was in response to you clearly not understanding what they meant, You dismissed his comment and rambled on about something completely different.

      4. No, I understood completely. The statement was something to the effect of a Steam game being on Xbox One, just as you tried interjecting. I understood that he was referring to Valve’s Steam, and most likely mistaking it as a “Steam game” since it is available on that service and has “steam” in the title. However, this is not a “Steam game.”

        My comment was that the “SteamWorld” in the title was in reference to the steampunk/steambot stylings in the game, not Valve’s Steam (the way you referenced as well). Reading comprehension is a good thing, try it.

      5. Oh the irony. There was no mention of “SteamWorld” in the original comment, so you dismissing his comment and going on about “SteamWorld” reference is funny.

        Them: “STEAM games on Xbox One?”
        You: “NOT QUITE”.

        If you know what Steam is and know that he was talking about Steam, why were you dismissing him?

        The guy is clearly not stupid, I think he knows the difference between Valve’s Steam and the name SteamWorld. Only an idiot would confuse the two. It doesn’t need a Sherlock Holmes to differentiate the two.
        You can’t say it’s not a Steam game when it is. It is also a DS game, an Xbox One game and a PS4 game.

        I referenced Steam because that was his original comment, why would I
        reference something else (like you did) other than Steam when that is
        exactly what the comment was about?

      6. The OP was clearly talking about steam the service. Like the other guy said it is not a steam game that if he thought it was the name comes from something else.You were talking about steam being a game client first. So you are clearly the idiot by your own standard.

      7. “The OP was clearly talking about steam the service.”
        I clearly know this. That is the whole point in me mentioning the “client” (service, same thing).

        “Like the other guy said it is not a steam game”.
        This is not the point of the discussion, this come into it AFTER and has nothing to do with the first 3 posts.

        “that if he thought it was the name comes from something else.”
        There is no where indicating that the OP said anything like this at all. Where you and the other guy got this idea from is beyond me, since you both admit to knowing the OP is mentioning Valve’s Steam. Yet you still assume this thought.

        “You were talking about steam being a game client first.”
        READ carefully for you to understand what is being discussed.

        OP: “STEAM games on Xbox One?”
        THEM: “NOT QUITE”.
        ME: “No, OP MEANT STEAM as in the Client Steam”

        Before you butt in, learn to read properly. The only idiot here is clearly you.

      8. You are the idiot that is contradicting yourself. Yes the OP posted about steam being the service. “Not quite” would be correct since the game originates from the DS. Talking about steam in the title meaning steampunk was just in case there was any confusion. When it comes to butting in maybe your own advice. I didnt see you in the conversation with the OP. Burnt Offering was correct in their comment and you butted in like you had a correction to make when one was not necessary. Talking around yourself like a redheaded stepchild isnt going to make you correct no matter how much you do it.

  2. I have a history of disliking the many many Indie releases cause lack of next-gen games. With that said, there’s exceptions to every rule. I love retro Metroidvania games. Rogue Legacy is great, so I’ll give this a shot too. The one downfall, these type of games tend to sell cheaper on Android and PC.

    1. Wow. What’s that like 45 of these indieish games that haven’t made it to Australia. Wtf!!!!!
      Also the 2 recent metro demos aren’t even in the demos. U have to search for them.
      Also I can play destiny multiplayer on silver account. Don’t know how…but I am.

  3. Does anyone know if MS dropped their parity clause? Between this and Rogue Legacy the other week, we’re now seeing great indie efforts going through Xbox debuts after they’ve already been on other platforms.

    1. I doubt that MS has officially dropped it, but from Chris Charla’s comments it seems that MS no longer desires enforcing it with developers that have fairly successful games or concepts that are resonating with the community.

    2. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. It keeps the shovelware at bay in certain instances and is the way it should be for games that wish to launch later on another platform. If your game is doodoo, the right to be refused is reasonable.

      1. The parity clause wasn’t refusing any games nor was it a form of quality control. The parity clause was an attempt to force indie developers to give Xbox exclusive content or launch on a universal date if they wanted their game on the Xbox One.

      2. Universal release dates yes, exclusive content no.
        It IS a form of quality control where future profits are held into account. MS doesn’t want shovelware to launch on their platform after they launch on other platforms. Indie developers that want to launch shovelware on the Xbox One as an afterthought can take a hike and take the money they made on the other platforms and leave it. Developers with great games, like this one, are kept in contact by MS to keep their future launches going.

      3. Xbox One’s parity clause allowed for a staggered release if a game offered content that was only available on the Xbox One, so it was most definitely a push to get exclusive content for games that were releasing on other systems/formats first.

        I don’t know how you get that a parity (which by definition means “equal status”) clause has anything to do with quality control. You said “MS doesn’t want shovelware to launch on their platform after they launch on other platforms.” How is that any kind of quality assurance? MS is interested in making sure Devs release their “shovelware” the on the Xbox One the same day as they do the PS4? To be honest, a Dev that is being lazy and producing a lower quality software would see no problems with a parity clause since their only pressure from it is to launch on the same day, not necessarily launching a working game that will sell well.

        The whole mentality of telling indie devs to “take a hike” has bitten MS in the backside, and hard. The Xbox One is not the 360 and it definitely does not have the padding of the marketshare or the popularity that the 360 did. Without being the console that more gamers are going to, the parity clause only damages the success of the Xbox One and that is why MS is backtracking on it so that their policies don’t force exclusives for the competition. Devs are/were simply just leaving MS behind and developing for the console that is in more homes and gave them more freedom in their development process.

        Sony apparently has no problem rubbing MS’ face in the mess the parity clause caused them either. They are becoming notorious for getting the titles that MS is now asking for that would initially violate the parity clause in their IGC library and in flash sales before they are available on the Xbox One.

      4. How is it NOT quality control by not having poor quality content launching on your platform later?
        Games that are poor have a chance to be released on the Xbox console, just like on the PS4, but if the game is known to be poor, why would ANY platform holder want that game to appear on their platform later when there are no profits to be made? Only the staggered release games have exclusive content, just like it was on the PS3 last gen.

        Hahaha, you act as if porting a game is easy when it’s far from it with the difference in APIs. Especially developers who are poor at their job have a hard time porting games to multiple platforms and most indie titles aren’t that high quality to begin with.
        And no, telling shovelware to take a hike hasn’t bitten MS in the bottom hard at all, the good games are still coming to the Xbox. IDatXbox has a lot of indies working on the program, even with the parity clause in place.

      5. We just don’t look at the parity clause the same way, or we view the term “quality control” differently. I understand what you mean by MS wanting to refuse less than stellar titles on their console, but I don’t see how a party clause would ever do that. The parity clause itself just states that MS wants the software available to them at the first, at the same time as their competitors, or with some form of extra content for a delayed release. To me that has nothing to do with the quality of the software at all, and I see how it has the potential to even be a hinderance to a dev in terms of the product they are releasing.

        I never said porting was easy, but porting is nothing compared to taking software and making it optimal for another OS (porting is just the process of making software executable/workable). With Sony currently having a greater presence in living rooms, that is where small devs are going to focus first. With MS utilizing a parity clause, devs that are more concerned about getting their software on a system over the quality are just going to port (just make it workable) their title for the Xbox One and then MS is now offering even less quality than their competition, just on the same day. Even devs that want to deliver a great experience in any market their software appears may feel rushed or oppressed by such a clause that corners began to be cut just to make sure a game releases on two platforms at the same time. In my opinion, that isn’t quality control. And none of that has anything to do with devs being “poor at their job” that can simply be limitations of their resources to develop for more than one system at a time.

        Here is the part I don’t get about your statement, what “shovelware” do you actually think MS has said “No” to? This is not XBLIG. The parity clause does not give MS the ability to pick and chose what they want. It told indie devs to take the walk before MS even knew what they were bringing to the table. I can’t honestly believe that you don’t think it has hurt MS’ numbers when high-end indie games are launching on MS’ competition months in advance and leaving Charka approaching those devs and asking for some kind of sloppy seconds for the Xbox One. In many cases nothing Charka says would matter anyway because of the insult that many devs felt they received because of the parity clause. But it isn’t hurting MS that both games they released on the fourth/fifth have been on their direct competitor’s marketplace for almost a year, or is it?

      6. It was the same on the PS3. Hypoocrisy at its finest and Michael Burden is right, this suddenly being an issue because Microsoft is hilarious.
        High end indie games? LOL, you’re talking about an absolute minority of those games and they are on the Xbox.

      7. To be honest, that sounds like more like product defense than sense. I am not sure how any of the conversation would be “hypocrisy at it’s finest” when the conversation did not involve the PS3, or last gen at all for that matter, in comparison. I don’t even think Sony was brought up other than to point out that they are benefiting from MS’ parity clause. It is an issue for MS because their parity clause was the most restrictive to date, and has not prevented their users from being “second class” as much as it left them without games that they should have (and could have) been playing.

        From your comments it is not hard to tell that you are not a fan of indie games (I am not much of one myself, but I have yet to see something I would call “shovelware” on either of the big consoles). So your opinion on what is “good” and is not is as relevant as my own, which is not at all since we are not a target market. I agree that the better titles are coming to the Xbox, months after being released to competitors and apparently some with blaring technical issues. MS knows that isn’t a good business practice and that is why Charla is doing his best to communicate with devs that turned away Xbox originally and to make it known that the parity clause has been relaxed to those that are gearing up.

        Hopefully at E3 MS can show that they have a better grasp of the industry’s indie trend (learn to love it because I doubt it is going anywhere soon). I would love to see Mr. Spencer debut something that makes news on “No Man’s Sky” news look dated and to be able to say that the marketplace is going to be loaded with game selections this coming year.

      8. Hahaha, it’s as if you think all or even most indie games are quality, unbelievable. No it’s not going anywhere soon, this gen is a joke using remasters and lower quality titles as filler.
        The PS4 is rapidly turning into a Steam Greenlight sh*tshow. You only have to look at metacritic to see it. Besides if developers think these rules are restrictive, then they are lazy, pure and simple. You either port your game for a simultaneous release, then either do a little extra effort when you do release it later or risk not releasing on the later platform when it turns out your game doesn’t deserve it.
        MS is doing it right and it’s completely fair. Closed platforms shouldn’t turn into an open garbagedump just because they can.
        Truly hilarious that people think it should be otherwise just to inflate statistics and have it look better than the competition in a list war. You only have to look at Steam’s (the platform with a multitude more games than Sony ever will have) indie endeavours to see that MS are in the right in this, especially now with the Windows 10 ecosystem merger that will make development on both PC versions (where most games start out) and Xbox versions an easier achievement.

    3. They didn’t drop it, but many people who rail against it do not understand how it works. Just because a game appears on another console first does not mean it cannot be released on Xbox consoles later.. this is a common misconception latched onto by haters and such. It is nowhere as draconian as people make it out to be.

      1. The XBox parity clause is written so that if a game which releases on a “comparative competitor” first wishes to release under the XBox 1 branding later, that developer has to make the game distinguishable through content improvement or new content. There was almost no wiggle room for developers that could work more efficiently creating games for Sony, PC or Nintendo and complete the porting process with Microsoft as the work progressed without offering Microsoft more product. You are right that a game can be released in the XBox after it has been released elsewhere but the developer was punished by those improvements being required. Microsoft did a 180 on that clause when developers that were not signed onto ID began flocking to Sony without giving Microsoft a glance. Now Microsoft is left contacting many developers asking for ports that would have been on the XBox 1 console already had the clause not been a part of the ID program. I am not sure what your definition of draconian is, but a slew of developers feel that draconian is very fitting.

  4. Finally! I have been excited for this and met one of the devs last month. Also you guys should keep an eye out for Steamworld Heist, it’s gonna be really cool and I played a level and it was fun!

  5. Got this for free on the other system months back and it’s a great little game.

    Microsoft seriously need to drop the ego and their parity clause.

      1. I’m not talking about this game in general, just the whole parity clause which is still in tact on a case by case situation.

      2. Microsoft wouldn’t refuse shovelware, why would they? Cut of the profits for publishing the game on their system and people like efnet will buy them without thinking.

        Bet he brought Angry Bird for $20 when you can get it for $1 on phones.

      3. With shovelware there are no profits, especially if it is known shovelware from other platforms. People get suckered into buying it the first time, sure, but with the current information about games being available to everyone, it doesn’t happen (much) after the fact anymore and launching a PoS months down the line has no value for either the platform holder or the customer.

      4. Sorry I didn’t mean cut of the profits from the game. What I was trying to say was a publisher has to pay for their game to even be put on a console, sort of console licence.

        If I made a game I’d have to pay Microsoft / Sony / Nintendo to even get my game on their systems. So even if my game was a shovelware port of a mobile game that few people would buy those companies would still get money out of me, and unless my game was very poor quality I wouldn’t see why they wold refuse my shovelware game.

      5. I think you should reread your IDatXbox documentation. There are no fees to submit your game on the Xbox anymore, only for AAA.

      6. There is no longer a direct fee from Microsoft but there are fees that they require to have your game considered. Microsoft requires Errors and Omissions Insurance and that the developer pay to have the game reviewed by rating boards. That can easily cost upwards of $5K. There is no money to be made even accidently from shovelware on today’s consoles.

      7. Oh yes there is, plenty, just like there is on mobiles, but you can’t fool gamers more than once. The proof is in the amount of shovelware that’s already launched.

  6. This is honestly one of my favourite games I’ve played on PS4 (Got it free with PS+)

    Will definitely pick this up for dem achievements, I can’t recommend this enough

      1. Why you worried about what im doing? I buy them because i can and i want to ….
        Im a busy guy and i can’t sit and play games all day but when i do get the time to play i enjoy having a variety of games to choose from.

      2. “I buy them because I can” oh one of those people I see. I bet you buy Apple products for the hell of it as well.

      3. Lol one of those people huh?
        Im not really a Apple fan like that but my wife and kids are so i guess i do buy apple products for the hell it.

      4. He gave out his gamertag once and I looked it up, he has only played 70 or so games (with a bunch of them being GwG and EA Access) games. Most of those games have between a 3%-10% achievement completion (I think there were 3 or 4 that broke 25%). So if “one of those people” means someone who is full of it, then yeah, he is one of those.

      5. You seem mad about something buddy lol
        No bull here …my games list is huge on the x1 ….its always a jealous person lurking in the shadows lol

      6. I am not mad about anything. I am am just pointing out that the garbage you are spewing out here does not match up with your gamertag. Jealous, of you? Kid you have to be joking. IF… IF a game collection were something to be jealous over you would wet yourself seeing my game room. BUt here is a tip for you, anytime someone starts talking about how much they have etc., it is a safe bet that it is bull and hot air because they have some strange sense of shame that makes them feel less than others and drives them to compensate for those “failed” areas.

      7. Yeah, doesn’t quite work that way apparently, I downloaded Red Dragon some time ago and have not had the time to start it once. However it appears unlocked on my games list on xbox. com. You can also check the date achievements are unlocked. With that, the argument that you… I mean he (ironically you have the very same discus avatar that he had a few days ago) has about GwG games and EA Access doesn’t hold much weight with starter achievements for out-of-date sports games, all of which are available on EA Access, being unlocked on the very same day. As for owning GwG games before they were free, the position “he” is taking is that “he” purchased them prior but only played them after they were a part of the GwG? LOL!

      8. I assure you, you can’t see what games OTHER people own but have never played. I am curious what you mean by “games list” on xbox. com though. How do you navigate to that?

      9. I assure you that you can see digital games that have been purchased on the XBox One from the website. The second that “-whatever title- is ready” message pops up on your console, it is added to your achievement list as an unlocked game when your account permissions are open.

      10. Lol you can’t im telling you now …it only show games that you unlocked either 1 achievement or close to unlocking one …it does not show any games you haven’t loaded up and if anyone can prove me wrong ill buy your next 3 games

      11. Wrong again dufus. Dude is right you are fun to laugh at. I will be happy to prove you wrong but when it comes to liars I get the money up front.

      12. I know you are slow and all but if you dont have any games that you own but havent played how do you want it proven to you from your account? But I’ll fill you in and I want and will collect my payment. When you have not unlocked a chevo and own a game you will see a — in the comparison. If they have never loaded the game you see a padlock-. The padlock- goes to — when you buy the game since it unlocks the ability to earn chevos. On the 360 it has a double bar for games not played and a 0 for games without any earned chevos. Not sure how the other dude was lookin you up but that is proof that a game is owned without a chevo being unlocked. As per your written agreement you can pay up with three premium edition Batman games.

      13. You know what’s really funny though is that when you view my list you can see metro last light right? But not metro 2033 and ive bought them both at the same time lol ….you wont see metro 2033 cause I’ve never played it …..hell assassins creed unity isn’t even on there and ive actually loaded that game up a few times lol soooooo whenever you are ready hit me up online so i can embarrass you real quick

      14. Not exactly how I did it, but not that far off. You have to be using the old dashboard/home page on the website though. If I recall correctly, when doing an achievement comparison on the new homepage the zeros were replaced so that you wouldn’t need to delete zero gamerscore games from your game list on the 360 if they bothered you being there. From what I understand, on the new homepage when a 360 game has not actually been started it looks like it isn’t owned, but it is still a part of the list (the gamerscore comparison pages don’t list games that neither person has played, so if you have never played it, they have). Curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I have to ask, why three of the same game? LOL!

      15. Ahhh I think I know what you are saying. Those backdoors are always letting people in. Why 3 of the same $100 game? I figure pickleofwar, you and I are owed as much for dealing with him.

      16. What you asked for was already proven. You never mentioned it had to be proven from your account since there is no way to prove that you have games that you do not. I told you how anyone can tell if a digital game has been unlocked without chevos being earned which was what you asked for. Pay up boy. You owe me and I will be collecting.

      17. I know about how the mobile site changes how you can view profile info and with the right region it switches back to the 0GS on a game with no open achievements. I have heard about the old smartglass apps showing it also. How exactly are you looking it up?

      18. The mobile website will go back to the blank/zero system when you are using the old homepage. I am not sure about switching between regions, but it may very well be necessary in some situations. You are also right about Smartglass apps that are not updated, especially ones for the 360. During one of the updates MS seems to have been trying to open the achievement lists for individual games instead of leaving it a lump of “Xbox One Games.” With that version of the app (and a few subsequent ones) it will show games as being a part of your games list when the game is ready to start during it’s initial installation. The original Xbox One Smartglass app also showed games that had been purchased digitally. I think that may have been some of the remaining code from when MS was going to do the digital game sharing as it would let friends know all the games you have. I never updated my 360 smartglass app since I rarely used it anyway, so I don’t know if and how it has changed lately. The most recent Xbox One Smartglass app still shows games as locked and doesn’t seem to update very often.

        Anyway, check your messages I will shoot you a note with some of the aggregator links that look at account feeds. and create game listings and stats for profiles. I will send you my Gamertag and I am planning on finally getting around to picking up “The Old Blood” so that you can see the difference. As for what ihatemarks did, I am assuming from what he wrote that he used the old homepage design from a PC. I had planned on seeing if it worked when I got home and had better access to the main website than what I am getting from the mobile version on my tablet.

      19. Search imsochill360
        You will see maybe 67 or 68 games played with a minimum of 1 achievement unlocked …..when you viewed let me know and ill play several other games that i havent played yet and youll see it pop up on my list of games

      20. Nope, I double checked. You have to actually start a game (as in run it and bring up the title screen) to get it so show on your list. Just purchasing and downloading is not enough. I’ve bought a few games that don’t appear on my list. Costume Quest 2 is one example for me.

      21. You are going to confuse the guy. Let him keep talking and posting his gt so that everyone can see what a joke he is.

      22. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I take in saying this. LOL! No, I will not give the lying troll what it asks for. I will be serious (and much nicer than I should be) by telling you that you are coming dangerously close to violating the Discus ToS though. And if you use your account for something other than trolling here that you would want to keep, they completely ban users for asking for any personal information or contact.

      23. Hey you’re the one whos trying to call me out lol dont get scared now ….what you scared we all going to see your tiny collection of games ? I bet you buy used to huh? Probably a renter

      24. Oh hey add my digital pre orders to the list for me would ya lol
        Elder scrolls
        Devil may cry 4
        And payday ….lol

      25. Bwhahahaha ……wait …..bwhahahaha
        My dude you’re seriouly upset about somethinn lol i mean look at you trying to tell me what games i have and don’t have

      26. Do you really want to? It would hurt your feelings. I have absolutely nothing to prove to a child troll that has been caught making claims of pure fantasy. What was it, did you think that no one would like you if you were honest? Is it that you feel small other places in your life so you have the compulsion to make people think you are “big” someplace else (BTW, it doesn’t come of as impressive, it just makes you look stupid and shallow)? But if you think I am giving you access to my purchase history which would include my banking information you are even dumber than I thought. It was you who threw out your gamertag and said “check it.” I did and nothing you were saying matched up.

      27. Wow you are a dumb one indeed lol no banking information is on xboxlive commerce just the last 4 digits of whatever card you used and even that is removed once you click printable version lol ….

      28. I am the dumb one and you are talking about printable versions of the MS commerce site to compare purchases with someone over the internet? SMH

      29. Lol yea that’s what i thought lol
        If you going to try a call somebody out then atleast back it up lol…imsochill360
        Im bout to get online now …hell ill skype my collection lol lets go !!!!!! Nothing to hide over here

      30. Hmm… normally I’m one not to like many of your comments on here but seriously, some people. What has it got to do with other people how many games you own and play, what has it got to do with them how much money you spend. It is stupid when people worry about what strangers do.

  7. Awesome game, but I already have it on 3DS, WiiU (via Nindie Humble Bundle), PS3, PS4 and Vita (via PS+). Better late than never, I guess. This will probably be a future Games with Gold offering.

  8. Not bad but this game is relatively old by indie release wise. Like the swapper i already bought this for my other consoles. This coming much later than the other consoles means its not something i’d wanna spend the money again on

    have this game for ps4, ps3 and wiiu already

      1. Times arent hard for me at all. I am just not stupid enough to waste money. But one look at your profile and I see how you can buy games if you are buying games.

  9. played this on wiiu. great game but a bit short and should have more RPG elements. But good game if you like digging stuff and collecting minerals.

  10. FYI – if you own a Wii U or 3DS, visit Humble Bundle and you can get this game, and a bunch of other Indie games, for $10 while supporting good causes.

    I really hope MS jumps on the Humble Bundle train… awesome value for gamers and worthwhile causes.

    1. They are also region locked to the Americas so no use to anyone outside of those regions. It would have been a great bundle otherwise, 11 games for $10.

    1. Considering that it is really an older game for the Nintendo DS and has been in Sony’s IGC and has seen console sales for under a buck, I would be very inclined to agree with you.

      1. I agree. The GwG makes a person take a pause before buying a good indie game that would normally be a day one purchase, and to some extent even a AAA title that has been on sale multiple times. As much as I do appreciate and enjoy GwG, it seems to be having a very negative effect on the way consumers are now looking at their purchases.

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