Obey Me Is Now Available For Xbox One

Xbox Live

Obey Me

Blowfish Studios

Xbox One X Enhanced
Obey Me is a frantic 3D Brawler that revolves around a duo of misfit demons as they fight hordes of mutants, hellish fiends and angelical contraptions alike. In a time and age much like our own, Heaven and Hell are locked in an eternal conflict where the souls of Mankind are at stake. Vanessa Held, a lowly Soul Huntress, and her Hellhound companion, Monty, could be the ones to tip the balance of the war with their own hands. Embark on a journey in city fraught with peril, slashing, kicking and biting your way through hordes of foes, consuming their souls to unlock new combos, skills and transformations.
Product Info:
Developer: Error 404 Game Studios
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Website: Obey Me
Twitter: @E404gs / @blowfishstudios / @ObeyMeGame