BORIS THE ROCKET Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Big Way Games

BORIS THE ROCKET is a simulator of a moustached Cold War Soviet missile operator. You will have a chance to defend your vast Motherland single-handedly. You will have to withstand freezing weather and nasty bear intrigues while slurping condensed milk to survive and adapt to the rapidly changing environment. Full immersion in the dramatic atmosphere of the Cold War. These are the times when duty to your country is more important than your own opinion. Even your mortal body belongs to the State. Only under such conditions can people truly become real heroes and patriots of their homeland. Do not let Mother Russia be ruined! Do or die! Death itself is not a good enough excuse for a Soviet man!
Product Info:
Developer: toR Studio
Publisher: Big Way Games
Twitter: @tor_studio / @bigwaygames

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