Action Arcade Wrestling Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

Action Arcade Wrestling

Reverb Inc

Xbox One X Enhanced
Perform a BODY SLAM, knock’em down with a CLOTHESLINE, pull off the classic PILEDRIVER AND… shoot LIGHTNING BOLTS into your opponent's face?! Whatever you do… don’t find yourself looking up at the lights! Action Arcade Wrestling brings everything you love from 90’s wrestling games with its own twist of chaos and fun. Join the action and step through the ropes in this fast-paced, arcade wrestling extravaganza to superkick the overly simulated wrestling games out of the ring! Choose from a roster of 30+ outrageous wrestlers executing their powerful attacks and superhero-like abilities in the most over-the-top wrestling game ever conceived. If that isn’t enough crazy for you, jump into the AAW Wrestle Lab to create your ultimate wrestler. The Wrestle Lab provides an unprecedented amount of creation tools where gamers can unleash their creativity. Whether it’s your favorite superhero or most feared monster, the Wrestle Lab is only limited by your imagination.
Product Info:
Developer: VICO Game Studio
Publisher: Reverb Inc
Website: Action Arcade Wrestling
Twitter: @ReverbGames@VICO_GameStudio / @AAWGame

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