Blog Comment Policy and FAQ

Q: Do you delete comments?
A: I do not. Comments will be removed if they violate the comment guidelines below (or if you post the same thing multiple times.)

Q: Can I post my thoughts on the PS4, the Wii, iPhone, my Commodore 64 and/or be critical of the Xbox?
A: Absolutely. I encourage a healthy discussion, as long as your post does not violate the comment policy I outline below.

Q: Do you read the comments?
A: I read as many as I can. I will often respond to comments as well, time permitting.

Q: What is Disqus?
A: I use the Disqus platform for blog comments. This is the same platform that many sites across the Internet use so you may come across it in other areas. Disqus has this guide to help you get started.

Q: Why use Disqus?
A:  By using Disqus, it allows blog readers like yourself the most flexibility in how you’d like to participate in the blog discussion. You can sign in with your existing profile from a variety of services and jump into the conversation right away. Diqus has this guide to help you get started.

Q: What happened to the Xbox LIVE Gamercard integration that you had on the old site? I like that. Bring that back!
A: We liked it too! When we moved to the new blogging platform, that old code did not work so we had to find a new way to enable comments on the site. We want to bring back Xbox LIVE Gamercards to the site in the future, but it will take some time.

Q: I kept hitting refresh on my browser, but my comments are not appearing. Something must be wrong and I am going to post it again.
A: It’s possible that your comment is in the moderated queue. If the Disqus software thinks your comment may be  spam, it places it in a queue for me to personally approve. I generally approve comments once a day (if I have time.) If the software is really aggressive as a result of information in your comment that the software thinks is SPAM,  then I won’t see your comment as it is automatically deleted. Try to repost it without a URL or using more appropriate language.

The Major comment Policy:
I encourage comments, rants, critiques, praise, and/or suggestions that will result in thought provoking conversation. I ask that you simply stay on topic and respect other people’s opinions, avoid profanity, personal attacks, offensive statements, illegal content (including links) and anything else that might otherwise violate good humanitarian sense.

I encourage discussions about Xbox and the video game industry (as well as other video game consoles) as long as your posts abides by these commenting rules:

  • Keep it clean – This is a public blog, open to civilized people who do not appreciate obscene, vulgar or sexually-oriented language, no matter how creatively spelled.
  • Keep it civil – Don’t defame, threaten, abuse or  attack other commenters. No racism, sexism or any other sort of -ism that degrades another person will be tolerated.
  • Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun of, or insult other members.
  • Keep on topic – Stay focused on the subject at hand. Do not post advertisements or solicitations for funds, goods, or services.
  • Be responsible – Comments are the sole responsibility of those who post them.
  • Be Safe for Work: There are people that read this blog at work. If something would not be considered “work safe” (to a boss or HR person), then it shouldn’t be posted.
  • Exercise your authority – Police these comments and FLAG any that that violate the house rules. (Read this to learn how to flag a comment)
  • Comment Moderation – Rules violators may be permanently banned from commenting without warning or notification.

This is considered a family environment. Xbox is a family product. There are many members that are minors and many people that post with their children looking over their shoulder. If it shouldn’t be viewed by minors, then it shouldn’t be posted. This is a public blog, open to civilized people who do not appreciate obscene, vulgar or sexually-oriented language, no matter how creatively spelled.

Basically, don’t post anything you would not want your mother to see.

If you can’t control your self and stick to these rules, I am sure there are plenty of places on the internet for you to post – but this won’t be one of them.

Have fun.

Updated: February 12, 2015