Xbox One X Enhanced

All games look and play great on Xbox One X. But select Xbox One X Enhanced titles are optimized to take full advantage of the world’s most powerful console. Xbox One X unleashes 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, making games perform better than they ever have. Maximize game performance with the speed of 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory, and see every frame with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth.

Xbox One X – Description

  • Price: $499.99
  • Enjoy 4K Ultra Blu-ray and 4K video streaming
  • Play 100+ console exclusives, 300+ Xbox 360 games
  • Rely on fast, stable, dedicated Xbox Live servers
  • Experience premium Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio
  • Works with all your games and accessories
  • Games play better with 6 teraflops
  • Stream and record clips in 4K resolution at 60FPS
  • See every frame with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth
  • Relish 4 more power than any other console

Xbox One X Enhanced Titles – Update Available Now (see the official list at

This list will be updated regularly as each respective publisher’s/title’s specific Xbox One X enhancements are available

(Last Update: October 08, 2020)

CastleStorm IIZen StudiosNEW
Inertial DriftPQube LimitedNEW
Mafia: Definitive Edition2KNEW
Mafia: Trilogy2KNEW
Projection: First LightBlowfish StudiosNEW
STAR WARS: SquadronsElectronic ArtsNEW
Swordbreaker The GameSometimes YouNEW
#FuntimeThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAvailable
>observer_Aspyr MediaAvailable
11-11 Memories RetoldBandai NamcoAvailable
8 To Glory: The Official Game of the PBRThree Gates ABAvailable
A Plague Tale: InnocenceFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
A Way OutElectronic ArtsAvailable
A Winter’s DaydreamSometimes YouAvailable
AaeroMad FellowsAvailable
AbsolverDevolver DigitalAvailable
Achtung! Cthulu TacticsRipstoneAvailable
Active Neurons – Puzzle gameSometimes YouAvailable
Active Neurons 2 – Puzzle gameSometimes YouAvailable
ADIOS AmigosCosmic PicnicAvailable
Aery – Broken MemoriesEpiXR GamesAvailable
Aery – Little Bird AdventureEpiXR GamesAvailable
AfterchargeChainsaw GamesAvailable
Age of Wonders: PlanetfallParadox InteractiveAvailable
Agent A: A Puzzle In DisguiseYak & CoAvailable
Agents of MayhemDeep SilverAvailable
Ages of Mages: The Last KeeperYFC GamesAvailable
AilmentEpiXR GamesAvailable
Airheart – Tales of broken WingsPentadimensional GamesAvailable
AlienCruiseE-Home Entertainment Development LtdAvailable
Alluris562 InteractiveAvailable
Almost There: The PlatformerThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAvailable
AltericSometimes YouAvailable
American FugitiveCurve DigitalAvailable
Ancestors Legacy1C CompanyAvailable
Animal Friends AdventureDeverydooAvailable
Another SightToplitz ProductionsAvailable
AnthemElectronic ArtsAvailable
AO International TennisBig AntAvailable
AO Tennis 2Bigben InteractiveAvailable
Apex LegendsElectronic ArtsAvailable
Ara Fell: Enhanced EditionDANGEN EntertainmentAvailable
Arcade SpiritsPQube LtdAvailable
ARK: Survival EvolvedStudio WildcardAvailable
Armed and DangerousLucasArtsAvailable
Ash of Gods: RedemptionRavenscourt GamesAvailable
Ashes CricketBig Ant StudiosAvailable
Assassin’s CreedUbisoftAvailable
Assassin’s Creed III RemasteredUbisoftAvailable
Assassin’s Creed OdysseyUbisoftAvailable
Assassin’s Creed OriginsUbisoftAvailable
Assassin’s Creed Rogue RemasteredUbisoftAvailable
Assault Android CactusWitch BeamAvailable
AstroneerSystem Era SoftworksAvailable
ATLASGrapeshot GamesAvailable
Attack on Titan 2KOEI TECMO GamesAvailable
Away: Journey to the UnexpectedPlaydiusAvailable
Awesome PeaSometimes YouAvailable
Awesome Pea 2Sometimes YouAvailable
Bad North: Jotunn EditionRaw FuryAvailable
Banjo-KazooieXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Banjo-TooieXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Baron: Fur Is Gonna FlyDM Games Pty LtdAvailable
Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham AsylumWarner Bros. InteractiveAvailable
Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham CityWarner Bros. InteractiveAvailable
Battle Chasers: NightwarTHQ NordicAvailable
Battlefield 1Electronic ArtsAvailable
Battlefield VElectronic ArtsAvailable
BattletoadsXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Battlezone Gold EditionRebellionAvailable
Bear With Me: The Lost RobotsModus GamesAvailable
Bee SimulatorBigben InteractiveAvailable
BELOWCapybara GamesAvailable
Bendy and the Ink MachineRooster Teeth GamesAvailable
Big Bash Boom (not available in all regions)Big Ant StudiosAvailable
Big Crown: ShowdownSold Out Sales & MarketingAvailable
BLACKElectronic ArtsAvailable
Black DesertPearl AbyssAvailable
Black ParadoxDigeratiAvailable
Blair WitchLionsgateAvailable
Blast Zone! TournamentVictory Lap GamesAvailable
Bleeding EdgeXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Bless UnleashedBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAvailable
Blinx: The Time SweeperXbox Game StudiosAvailable
BloodRayne 2Majesco EntertainmentAvailable
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night505 GamesAvailable
Bomber CrewCurve DigitalAvailable
BombfestWhitehorn DigitalAvailable
Borderlands 22KAvailable
Borderlands 32KAvailable
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition2KAvailable
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel2KAvailable
Braveland TrilogyEllada GamesAvailable
BrawloutAngry Mob GamesAvailable
BreakdownBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.Available
Brief BattlesJuicy CupcakeAvailable
Bucket KnightSometimes YouAvailable
Bulletstorm: Full Clip EditionGearbox PublishingAvailable
Burnout Paradise RemasteredElectronic ArtsAvailable
Call of CthuluFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4ActivisionAvailable
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareActivisionAvailable
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareActivisionAvailable
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign RemasteredActivisionAvailable
Call of Duty: WarzoneActivisionAvailable
Call of Duty: WWIIActivisionAvailable
CandlemanE-Home Entertainment DevelopmentAvailable
CardpocalypseVersus EvilAvailable
Caretaker GamePulseTenseGamesAvailable
Casey Powell Lacrosse 18Crosse StudiosAvailable
Chess UltraRipstone LtdAvailable
Chicken MadnessVikongAvailable
Citadel: Forged with FireBlue Isle StudiosAvailable
Cities: Skylines – Xbox One EditionParadox InteractiveAvailable
City of BrassUppercut GamesAvailable
Classic Snake AdventuresCrazysoft LimitedAvailable
Claws of FurryTerahard LtdAvailable
ClaybookSecond OrderAvailable
Close to the SunWired ProductionsAvailable
Clumsy RushRedDeerGames‬Available
CODE VEINBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAvailable
Conan ExilesFuncomAvailable
ConariumIceberg InteractiveAvailable
Conker: Live & ReloadedXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Construction Simulator 2 US – Console Editionastragon EntertainmentAvailable
Cooking SimulatorBig Cheese StudioAvailable
CrackdownXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Crackdown 3Xbox Game StudioAvailable
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyActivisionAvailable
Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledActivisionAvailable
CrashbotsSometimes YouAvailable
Crayola ScootOutright GamesAvailable
CreaksAmanita Design s.r.o.Available
Creature In The WellFlight School StudioAvailable
Creepy RoadGroovy MilkAvailable
Cricket 19Big Ant StudiosAvailable
Crimson Skies: High Road to RevengeXbox Game StudiosAvailable
CrossoutGaijin EntertainmentAvailable
CUBERS: ARENATeyonAvailable
Cuisine RoyaleGaijin EntertainmentAvailable
Cyber ProtocolRedDeerGamesAvailable
Danger ZoneThree Fields Entertainment LTDAvailable
Danger Zone 2Three Fields EntertainmentAvailable
Dangerous DrivingThree Fields Entertainment LTDAvailable
Dark Souls: RemasteredBandai NamcoAvailable
Darksiders GenesisTHQ NordicAvailable
Darksiders II Deathinitive EditionTHQ NordicAvailable
Darksiders IIITHQ NordicAvailable
Darksiders Warmastered EditionTHQ NordicAvailable
Darwin ProjectScavengers StudioAvailable
DauntlessEpic GamesAvailable
DayZBohemia InteractiveAvailable
DCL-The GameTHQ NordicAvailable
Dead Or Alive 6KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.Available
Dead Rising 4Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Dead to RightsBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.Available
Debris InfinitySVC GamesAvailable
Deep OnesSometimes YouAvailable
Deep Rock Galactic (Game Preview)Coffee Stain PublishingAvailable
Déjà VuEric FreemanAvailable
DeleveledThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAvailable
Deliver Us The MoonWired ProductionsAvailable
Demon PitDigeratiAvailable
Depth of ExtinctionHOF Studios LLCAvailable
DescendersNo More RobotsAvailable
Destiny 2ActivisionAvailable
Destroy All Humans!THQ NordicAvailable
Devil May Cry 5CAPCOMAvailable
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil EditionBlizzard EntertainmentAvailable
DiRT Rally 2.0CodemastersAvailable
Dishonored 2Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderBethesda SoftworksAvailable
DisintegrationPrivate DivisionAvailable
Disneyland AdventuresXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (Game Preview)Larian StudiosAvailable
Donut CountyAnnapurna InteractiveAvailable
Doodle God: Crime CityJoyBitsAvailable
DOOMBethesda SoftworksAvailable
DOOM 3Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
DOOM 64Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
DOOM EternalBethesda SoftworksAvailable
Doug Hates His JobSuper Villain GamesAvailable
Dovetail Games Euro FishingDovetail Games Ltd.Available
Drake HollowThe Molasses FloodAvailable
DraugenRed Thread GamesAvailable
Dread NauticalZen StudiosAvailable
Dreamwalker: Never Fall AsleepArtifex MundiAvailable
DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New RidersOutright GamesAvailable
Drunk-Fu: Wasted MastersRusto GamesAvailable
Duck Life: BattleMAD.comAvailable
Dynasty Warriors 9KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.Available
EA Sports FIFA 18Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports FIFA 19Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports FIFA 20Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports Madden NFL 18Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports Madden NFL 19Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports Madden NFL 20Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports NBA Live 18Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports NBA Live 19Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA SPORTS NHL 18Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports NHL 19Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA Sports NHL 20Electronic ArtsAvailable
EA SPORTS UFC 3Electronic ArtsAvailable
Educational Games for KidsCrazysoft Limited‬Available
eFootball PES 2020KonamiAvailable
Element SpaceBlowfish StudiosAvailable
ElexTHQ NordicAvailable
Elite: DangerousFrontier Developments Plc.Available
Endless Fables: Dark MoorArtifex MundiAvailable
Energy Cycle EdgeSometimes YouAvailable
Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of KarkhalaArtifex MundiAvailable
Escape From TethysSometimes YouAvailable
Eternal Card GameDire Wolf DigitalAvailable
Evan’s RemainsWhitehorn DigitalAvailable
Eventide 3: Legacy of LegendsArtifex MundiAvailable
Evoland Legendary EditionShiro GamesAvailable
F1 2017Deep SilverAvailable
F1 2018 Headline EditionCodemastersAvailable
F1 2019CodemastersAvailable
F1 2020Codemasters‬Available
Fable AnniversaryXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Fable IIXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Fable IIIXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Fallout 3Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Fallout 4Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Fallout 76Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Family Mysteries: Poisonous PromisesArtifex MundiAvailable
Far Cry 3 Classic EditionUbisoftAvailable
Far Cry 5UbisoftAvailable
Far Cry New DawnUbisoftAvailable
Farm TogetherMilkstone StudiosAvailable
Farmer’s DynastyBigben InteractiveAvailable
Farming Simulator 17Focus Home EntertainmentAvailable
Farming Simulator 19Focus Home InteractiveAvailable
FeElectronic ArtsAvailable
FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD RemasterSquare EnixAvailable
FINAL FANTASY XII: The Zodiac AgeSquare EnixAvailable
FINAL FANTASY XIIISquare EnixAvailable
FINAL FANTASY XIII-2Square EnixAvailable
Final Fantasy XVSquare EnixAvailable
Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: ComradesSquare EnixAvailable
Final StarEnjoy These PixelsAvailable
Fishing PlanetFishing Planet LLCAvailable
For HonorUbisoftAvailable
For the KingCurve DigitalAvailable
Formula Retro RacingRepixel8Available
Forsaken RemasteredNightdive StudiosAvailable
FortniteEpic GamesAvailable
Forza HorizonXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Forza Horizon 3Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Forza Horizon 4Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Forza Motorsport 7Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Full Spectrum WarriorTHQ NordicAvailable
Fury Unleashed‪Awesome Games Studio Sp. z o. o.Available
Fuzion FrenzyXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Galaxy Control: ArenaFX GamesAvailable
Gears 5Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Gears of War 2Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Gears of War 3Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Gears of War 4Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Gene RainE-Home EntertainmentAvailable
Generation ZeroAvalanche StudiosAvailable
GeoriftersBusy ToasterAvailable
Ghost Files: Memory of a CrimeArtifex MundiAvailable
Ghost of a TaleSeithCGAvailable
Ghostbusters The Video Game RemasteredMad Dog Games, LLCAvailable
Glass Masquerade 2DigeratiAvailable
Goat SimulatorDouble Eleven LimitedAvailable
GoatPunksStudio CanvasAvailable
God’s TriggerTechland PublishingAvailable
Golem GatesDigeratiAvailable
GorogoaAnnapurna InteractiveAvailable
Grab the BottleSometimes YouAvailable
Grabbed by the GhouliesXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Grass Cutter – Mutated LawnsSometimes YouAvailable
GreedFallFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
GRIDD: RetroenhancedAntab StudiosAvailable
Grim Legends 3: The Dark CityArtifex MundiAvailable
GRIPCaged ElementAvailable
Guacamelee! 2Drinkbox StudiosAvailable
Guilt Battle ArenaForward XPAvailable
Halo 3Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Halo 5: GuardiansXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Halo Wars 2Xbox Game StudiosAvailable
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Hand of Fate 2Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Hard West Ultimate EditionForever Entertainment S.A.Available
HardCubeBig Way GamesAvailable
Helheim Hassle‪Perfectly ParanormalAvailable
Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeNinja Theory LtdAvailable
Hello NeighbortinyBuildAvailable
Hero ExpressFantastico StudioAvailable
HitmanSquare EnixAvailable
Hitman 2Warner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
HITMAN Sniper AssassinWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentAvailable
Hitman: Absolution HDWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
Hitman: Blood Money HDWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
Hive JumpGraphite LabAvailable
Homefront: The RevolutionDeep SilverAvailable
Horde of PlentySMOCH, LLC.Available
Horizon Chase TurboAquiris Game StudioAvailable
Horror of the DeepDrunken ApesAvailable
Hotline Miami CollectionDevolver DigitalAvailable
Hovership HavocBare Knuckle DevelopmentAvailable
Hunt: ShowdownCrytekAvailable
HuntdownCoffee Stain PublishingAvailable
Hunter: The ReckoningInterplay EntertainmentAvailable
Hyper JamBit DragonAvailable
Hyper SentinelHuey GamesAvailable
Hyper UniverseNEXON AmericaAvailable
Immortal Realms: Vampire WarsKalypso MediaAvailable
Immortal RedneckCremaAvailable
Immortal: UnchainedSold Out Sales & MarketingAvailable
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s TombLucasArtsAvailable
Infliction: Extended CutBlowfish StudiosAvailable
Initial2: New StageE-Home Entertainment DevelopmentAvailable
Injustice 2Warner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
Insane RobotsPlayniacAvailable
Ion Fury1C Online Games Ltd.Available
Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with LoveArtifex MundiAvailable
Island SaverNational Westminster Bank plc.Available
It came from space and ate our brainsAll in! GamesAvailable
Jade EmpireXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Jagged Alliance: Rage!THQ NordicAvailable
Jettomero: Hero of the UniverseGhost Time GamesAvailable
Johnny RocketRestless CorpAvailable
Jumanji: The Video GameOutright GamesAvailable
Jump ForceBandai NamcoAvailable
Jurassic World EvolutionFrontier DevelopmentsAvailable
Just Cause 4Square EnixAvailable
Kameo: Elements of PowerXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesSteel Crate GamesAvailable
Kentucky Route Zero: TV EditionAnnapurna InteractiveAvailable
Killer InstinctXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Killing Floor 2Tripwire Interactive LLCAvailable
KineChump SquadAvailable
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceDeep SilverAvailable
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIXSquare EnixAvailable
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter PrologueSquare EnixAvailable
KINGDOM HEARTS IIISquare EnixAvailable
Kingdom: Two CrownsRaw FuryAvailable
Kingmaker: Rise to the ThroneArtifex MundiAvailable
L.A. NoireRockstar GamesAvailable
Left 4 DeadValveAvailable
Left 4 Dead 2ValveAvailable
LEGO DC Super-VillainsWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
LEGO Harry Potter CollectionWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2Warner Bros. InteractiveAvailable
Life is Strange 2Square EnixAvailable
Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1Square EnixAvailable
Light Fairytale Episode 1neko.worksAvailable
Liquid SunshineGod As A CucumberAvailable
Little MisfortuneKillmonday GamesAvailable
Lonely Mountains: DownhillThunderfulAvailable
Lou’s RevengeBig Way GamesAvailable
Mafia II: Definitive Edition2KAvailable
Mafia III2KAvailable
Mantis Burn RacingVooFoo Studios Ltd.Available
Marble VoidLeveled GamesAvailable
Mark of the Nina: RemasteredKlei EntertainmentAvailable
Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteCAPCOM CO., LTDAvailable
Marvel’s AvengersSquare EnixAvailable
Mass Effect: AndromedaElectronic ArtsAvailable
Masters of AnimaFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
Mecho TalesArcade DistilleryAvailable
Mega Man 11CapcomAvailable
Megaton RainfallPentadimensional GamesAvailable
Memories of Mars505 GamesAvailable
Meow MotorsArtVostokAvailable
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
METAL GEAR SURVIVEKonami Digital EntertainmentAvailable
Metal Wolf Chaos XDDevolver DigitalAvailable
Metro ExodusDeep SilverAvailable
Metropolis: Lux ObscuraSometimes YouAvailable
Middle-earth: Shadow of WarWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
Minesweeper GeniusBlowfish StudiosAvailable
Mining RailWS netAvailable
Mining Rail 2WS netAvailable
Minion MastersBetaDwarfAvailable
Mirror’s EdgeElectronic ArtsAvailable
Modern Tales: Age of InventionArtifex MundiAvailable
Monster Energy Supercross: The Official VideogameMilestoneAvailable
Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2MilestoneAvailable
Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 3MilestoneAvailable
Monster Jam Steel TitansTHQ NordicAvailable
Moons of MadnessFuncomAvailable
MorphiteBlowfish StudiosAvailable
Mortal Kombat 11Warner Bros. InteractiveAvailable
MOTHERGUNSHIPGrip DigitalAvailable
MotoGP 18Milestone S.r.l.Available
MotoGP 19MilestoneAvailable
MotoGP 20MilestoneAvailable
Moving OutTeam 17Available
MudRunnerFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
Murder MinersJForce GamesAvailable
Music RacerSometimes YouAvailable
Mutant Football LeagueDigital Dreams EntertainmentAvailable
Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenFuncomAvailable
MX UnleashedTHQ NordicAvailable
MX vs ATV All OutTHQ NordicAvailable
MXGP PROMilestoneAvailable
My Brother RabbitArtifex MundiAvailable
My Little Riding ChampionBigben InteractiveAvailable
Mystery MineBig Way GamesAvailable
Narcos: Rise of the CartelsCure DigitalAvailable
Natsuki ChroniclesQute CorporationAvailable
NBA 2K182KAvailable
NBA 2K192KAvailable
NBA 2K202KAvailable
NBA 2K212KAvailable
Need For Speed HeatElectronic ArtsAvailable
Need for Speed PaybackElectronic ArtsAvailable
Neon Chrome10tons Ltd.Available
NeuroBloxsDIGHENTIS di Benedettini AlessandroAvailable
NeversongSerenity ForgeAvailable
New Super Lucky’s TaleXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Newt OneWhitethorn Digital‬‪Available
NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS EditionSquare EnixAvailable
NiffelheimEllada GamesAvailable
Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy JonesArtifex MundiAvailable
Nine ParchmentsFrozenbyteAvailable
Ninja Gaiden BlackTecmoAvailable
Ninja Gaiden IIKoei Tecmo GamesAvailable
No Man’s SkyHello GamesAvailable
Noir Chronicles: City of CrimeArtifex MundiAvailable
Norman’s Great IllusionSometimes YouAvailable
NORTHSometimes YouAvailable
ObductionCyan, Inc.Available
Obey MeBlowfish StudiosAvailable
OkunoKA Madness‪Ignition Publishing‬Available
On A Roll 3DBattenberg SoftwareAvailable
One Dog StoryBig Way GamesAvailable
One Eyed KutkhSometimes YouAvailable
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4Bandai Namco EntertainmentAvailable
Operencia: The Stolen SunZen StudiosAvailable
Ori and the Will of the WispsXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Outbreak: The Nightmare ChroniclesDead Drop StudiosAvailable
Outbuddies DXHeadup GmbHAvailable
Outer WildsAnnapurna InteractiveAvailable
Outlast 2Red BarrelsAvailable
OutwardDeep SilverAvailable
Override: Mech City BrawlModusAvailable
OverwatchBlizzard EntertainmentAvailable
OVIVOSometimes YouAvailable
PaladinsHi-Rez StudiosAvailable
Panzer Dragoon OrtaSEGAAvailable
Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory (not available in all regions)THQ NordicAvailable
Paperbound BrawlersDissident LogicAvailable
Party ArcadeFarsight Studios, Inc.Available
Party GolfGiant MargaritaAvailable
Path of ExileGrinding Gear GamesAvailable
Path of Sin: GreedArtifex MudniAvailable
PawarumiManufacture 43Available
PBA Pro BowlingFarSight StudiosAvailable
Perfect DarkXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Perfect Dark ZeroXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Perfect Traffic SimulatorPrison GamesAvailable
Persian Nights: Sands of WondersArtifex MundiAvailable
PGA TOUR 2K212KAvailable
PING REDUXNami Tentou Mushi, LLCAvailable
Pirates of First StarDynamic Voltage GamesAvailable
PixARKSnail GamesAvailable
Planet AlphaTeam 17Available
Planet RIX-13Sometimes YouAvailable
Plants vs Zombies: Battle for NeighborvillleElectronic ArtsAvailable
Please, Don’t Touch AnythingForwardXPAvailable
Police ChaseToplitz ProductionsAvailable
PONG QuestAtari IncAvailable
Portal 2Electronic ArtsAvailable
Portal Knights505 GamesAvailable
Portal: Still AliveValveAvailable
Potata: fairy flowerSometimes YouAvailable
PreyBethesda SoftworksAvailable
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeUbisoftAvailable
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018KONAMIAvailable
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019KONAMIAvailable
Project CARS 2BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.Available
PsychonautsXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Q.U.B.E. 2Toxic Games LtdAvailable
Quantum BreakXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten PastArtifex MundiAvailable
Queen’s Quest 3: The End of DawnArtifex MundiAvailable
Queen’s Quest 4: Sacred TruceArtifex MundiAvailable
Quest Hunter2 Zombie GamesAvailable
Race with RyanOutright GamesAvailable
RADBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAvailable
RAGE 2Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
Railway EmpireKalypso MediaAvailable
Rare ReplayXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Real FarmSOEDESCOAvailable
Realm RoyaleHi-Rez StudiosAvailable
Rebel CopsTHQ NordicAvailable
Rebound Dodgeball EvolvedHexterionAvailable
ReCore: Definitive EditionXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Red Dead RedemptionRockstar GamesAvailable
Red Dead Redemption 2Rockstar GamesAvailable
Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-teredTHQ NordicAvailable
Red Faction IITHQ NordicAvailable
Redeemer: Enhanced EditionRavenscourtAvailable
Redout: Lightspeed Edition34BigThingsAvailable
RefunctDominique GrieshoferAvailable
Remnant: From the AshesPerfect World EntertainmentAvailable
Remothered: Tormented FathersDarril ArtsAvailable
Resident Evil 3CAPCOMAvailable
RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazardCAPCOMAvailable
Resident Evil ResistanceCAPCOMAvailable
Retro TanksEpiXR GamesAvailable
Return of the Obra DinnAvailable
RIDE 3MilestoneAvailable
Rift KeeperSometimes YouAvailable
Rigid Force ReduxHeadup GmbHAvailable
Rise of the Tomb RaiderSquare EnixAvailable
Road to GuangdongExcalibur GamesAvailable
Robocraft InfinityFreejamAvailable
Rocket LeaguePsyonixAvailable
RoundguardThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAvailable
RoundguardThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildAvailable
Royal AssaultBionic PonyAvailable
Rugby 18Bigben InteractiveAvailable
Rush: A Disney Pixar AdventureXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Saints Row: The Third – RemasteredDeep SilverAvailable
Samurai ShodownSNK CorporationAvailable
Sayonara Wild HeartsAnnapurna InteractiveAvailable
Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed ChildArtifex MundiAvailable
Sea of SolitudeElectronic ArtsAvailable
Sea of ThievesXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Seasons of the SamuraiTopView StudioAvailable
Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceActivisionAvailable
Shadow Fencer TheatreShuddaHaddaLottaFun LLCAvailable
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderSquare EnixAvailable
Shape of the WorldPlug In DigitalAvailable
ShellShock LiveKChamp GamesAvailable
Shift QuantumRed Panda InteractiveAvailable
Shining Resonance RefrainSEGAAvailable
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution2KAvailable
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI2KAvailable
Sid Meier’s Pirates!2KAvailable
Sigi – A Fart for Melusinapixel.luAvailable
SiNKRWahler DigitalAvailable
SKATE 3Electronic ArtsAvailable
Slime RancherMonomi Park, LLCAvailable
SMITEHi-Rez StudiosAvailable
Smoke And SacrificeCurve DigitalAvailable
Snake PassSumo DigitalAvailable
Sniper Elite V2 RemasteredRebellionAvailable
SNK 40th Anniversary CollectionOther OceanAvailable
Snooker 19Ripstone Ltd.Available
Snooker Nation ChampionshipCherry Pop GamesAvailable
SnowRunnerFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
Sonic ForcesSEGAAvailable
Sonic GenerationsSEGAAvailable
Sonic ManiaSEGAAvailable
Space Hulk: TacticsFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
SpacelandEllada GamesAvailable
Spacelords (formerly Raiders of the Broken Planet)Mercury SteamAvailable
Speed BrawlKongregateAvailable
Sphinx and the Cursed MummyTHQ NordicAvailable
Spike VolleyballBigben InteractiveAvailable
Spiral SplatterSometimes YouAvailable
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – RehydratedTHQ NordicAvailable
Spyro Reignited TrilogyActivisionAvailable
SSX 3Electronic ArtsAvailable
STAB STAB STAB!Monster CouchAvailable
Star Wars BattlefrontDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars Battlefront II (Original Xbox)Disney Interactive StudiosAvailable
STAR WARS Battlefront II (Xbox One)Electronic ArtsAvailable
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars Jedi StarfighterDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderElectronic ArtsAvailable
Star Wars Knights of the Old RepublicDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars Republic CommandoDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedDisney Interactive StudiosAvailable
Starlink: Battle for AtlasUbisoftAvailable
Starlit AdventuresRockhead StudiosAvailable
State of Anarchy: Master of MayhemSometimes YouAvailable
Steam TacticsSometimes YouAvailable
StelaSkyBox LabsAvailable
STELLATUMSometimes YouAvailable
STONEConvict Games‬Available
Storm BoyBlowfish StudiosAvailable
Strange BrigadeRebellionAvailable
Streets of RoguetinyBuildAvailable
Sturmwind EXb-aliveAvailable
Subdivision Infinity DXBlowfish StudiosAvailable
SubnauticaGearbox PublishingAvailable
Sudden Strike 4 – European Battlefields EditionKalypso MediaAvailable
Super Dodgeball BeatsPlayStackAvailable
Super Lucky’s TaleXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Super Mega Baseball 2Metalhead SoftwareAvailable
Super Night Ridersneko.worksAvailable
Super Pixel RacersH2 Interactive / PQubeAvailable
Super Star BlastEntwicklerX – GbRAvailable
Super Street: The GameLion CastleAvailable
Supermarket ShriekBilly Goat EntertainmentAvailable
Surviving MarsParadox interactiveAvailable
SWORD ART ONLINE: Alicization LycorisBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.Available
Tanky TanksEpiXR GamesAvailable
TannenbergM2H & BlackMill GamesAvailable
Tcheco in the Castle of LucioFantastico StudioAvailable
Team Sonic RacingSEGAAvailable
Tech GlitchDaniel JanákAvailable
Tempest 4000AtariAvailable
Tennis World TourBigben InteractiveAvailable
Terminator: ResistanceReef EntertainmentAvailable
Tesla vs Lovecraft10tons LtdAvailable
The Alto CollectionSnowmanAvailable
The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritSquare EnixAvailable
The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut‪inXile entertainmentAvailable
The Blobs Fight!SkyPyre StudioAvailable
The Bradwell ConspiracyBossa StudiosAvailable
The Church in the DarknessFellow TravellerAvailable
The ClockerE-Home Entertainment DevelopmentAvailable
The Crew 2UbisoftAvailable
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of MedanBandai NamcoAvailable
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindBethesda SoftworksAvailable
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionBethesda SoftworksAvailable
The Elder Scrolls OnlineBethesda SoftworksAvailable
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special EditionBethesda SoftworksAvailable
The Evil Within 2Bethesda SoftworksAvailable
The Fall Part 2: UnboundOver The MoonAvailable
The First TreeDavid WehleAvailable
The Forbidden ArtsStingbot GamesAvailable
The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA Tour2KAvailable
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IIINeocoreGamesAvailable
The Inner FriendPLAYMINDAvailable
The Invisible HoursGameTrust GamesAvailable
The Jackbox Party Pack 6Jackbox Games, Inc.Available
The King of Fighters NeowaveSNK CORPORATIONAvailable
THE LAST SCAPEPablo Vidaurre SanzAvailable
The LEGO Movie 2 VideogameWarner Brothers InteractiveAvailable
The Long DarkHinterlandAvailable
The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card GameAsmodee DigitalAvailable
The Mean Greens – Plastic WarfareVirtual Basement LLC.Available
The MoosemanSometimes YouAvailable
The MosaicRaw FuryAvailable
The OccupationSold Out Sales & MarketingAvailable
The Orange BoxValveAvailable
The Outer WorldsPrivate DivisionAvailable
The Secret Order: Return to the Buried KingdomArtifex MundiAvailable
The Secret Order: Shadow BreachArtifex MundiAvailable
The Sims 4Electronic ArtsAvailable
The SojournIceberg InteractiveAvailable
The Spectrum RetreatRipstone LtdAvailable
The Suicide of Rachel FosterDaedalic EntertainmentAvailable
The SurgeFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
The Surge 2Focus Home InteractiveAvailable
The Talos PrincipleDevolver DigitalAvailable
The TourystShin’en Multimedia GmbHAvailable
The Vanishing of Ethan CarterThe AstronautsAvailable
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive SeriesSkybound GamesAvailable
The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsCD Projekt S.A.Available
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntCD PROJEKT SAAvailable
theHunter: Call of the WildAvalanche StudiosAvailable
theHunter: Call of the Wild – 2019 EditionAvalanche StudiosAvailable
This is the Police 2THQ NordicAvailable
Those Who RemainWired ProductionsAvailable
Timberman VSForever Entertainment S.A.Available
Titan QuestTHQ NordicAvailable
Titanfall 2Electronic ArtsAvailable
Tokyo Warfare TurboPablo Vidaurre SanzAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon BreakpointUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon WildlandsUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter CellUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell BlacklistUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos TheoryUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell ConvictionUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent (original Xbox)UbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent (Xbox 360)UbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora TomorrowUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s The DivisionUbisoftAvailable
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2UbisoftAvailable
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2ActivisionAvailable
Top RunFantastico StudioAvailable
Torchlight IIPerfect World EntertainmentAvailable
Townsmen – A Kingdom RebuiltHandyGamesAvailable
Tracks – The Train Set GameExcalibur GamesAvailable
Train Sim WorldDovetail GamesAvailable
TranscriptedPlug In DigitalAvailable
Treasure StackPIXELAKESAvailable
Trials RisingUbisoftAvailable
Trine 4: The Nightmare PrinceModus GamesAvailable
Tropico 6Kalypso MediaAvailable
Trover Saves the UniverseSquanch GamesAvailable
Truck DriverSOEDESCOAvailable
Truck Racing ChampionshipBigben InteractiveAvailable
TT Isle of ManBigben InteractiveAvailable
Turok: Escape from Lost ValleyPillow Pig GamesAvailable
Two Point HospitalSEGAAvailable
Tyd wag vir NiemandSkobbejak GamesAvailable
Uncharted Tides: Port RoyalArtifex MundiAvailable
Undead Horde10tons Ltd.Available
Unravel TwoElectronic ArtsAvailable
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri ConflictEpic GamesAvailable
Unruly HeroesMagic Design StudiosAvailable
Untitled Goose GamePanicAvailable
ValfarisBig SugarAvailable
Valkyria Chronicles 4SEGAAvailable
Vambrace: Cold SoulChorus Worldwide GamesAvailable
VampyrFocus Home InteractiveAvailable
VasilisSometimes YouAvailable
Velocity GRepixel8Available
Verlet SwingDigeratiAvailable
Vicious Attack Llama ApocalypseRogueCode PTY LtdAvailable
Vigor (Game Preview)Bohemia InteractiveAvailable
Viva PiñataXbox Game StudiosAvailable
Viva Piñata: Trouble in ParadiseXbox Game StudiosAvailable
V-Rally 4Bigben InteractiveAvailable
War Tech FightersBlowfish StudiosAvailable
War TheatreArcade DistilleryAvailable
War ThunderGaijin EntertainmentAvailable
WARBORNPQube LimitedAvailable
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – MartyrBigben InteractiveAvailable
Warhammer: ChaosbaneBigben InteractiveAvailable
Warhammer: End Times – VermintideFatshark ABAvailable
Warhammer: Vermintide 2FatsharkAvailable
Warrior’s Orochi 4KOEI TECMO GAMESAvailable
We Happy FewGearbox PublishingAvailable
We should talk.Whitethorn DigitalAvailable
West of DeadRaw FuryAvailable
Where Are My FriendsSometimes YouAvailable
Where the Bees Make HoneyWhitehorn DigitalAvailable
Wintermoor Tactics ClubVersus EvilAvailable
Wizard of LegendHumble BundleAvailable
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusBethesda SoftworksAvailable
Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+Fabio Ferrara – Chubby PixelAvailable
WorbitalTeam Jolly RogerAvailable
World Enduro RallyGraphicDNAAvailable
World of Final Fantasy MaximaSquare EnixAvailable
World of Tanks: MercenariesElectronic ArtsAvailable
World of Warships: LegendsWargaming.netAvailable
World War ZMad Dog GamesAvailable
Worse Than DeathBenjamin Rivers Inc.Available
Woven the GameStickylockAvailable
WRC 7 FIA World Rally ChampionshipBigben InteractiveAvailable
WRC 8 FIA World Rally ChampionshipBigben Interactive‬Available
WreckfestTHQ NordicAvailable
WWE 2K182KAvailable
WWE 2K192KAvailable
WWE 2K202KAvailable
XCOM 22KAvailable
Xenon RacerSOEDESCOAvailable
X-Morph: DefenseEXOR StudiosAvailable
YagaVersus EvilAvailable
Yakuza 0SEGAAvailable
Yakuza KiwamiSEGAAvailable
Yet Another Zombie Defense HDAwesome Games StudioAvailable
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesMerge Games LtdAvailable
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairTeam 17Available
Zombie Army 4: Dead WarRebellionAvailable
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal CollectionXbox Game StudiosAvailable