Xbox Preview Program Details

I receive numerous inquiries daily regarding the Xbox One Preview program, so I thought I would share some useful information for those interested or recently accepted into the program. The Xbox One Preview Program offers volunteers who are selected for the program the opportunity to test and evaluate system updates before they are distributed publicly. These system updates often include enhancements to existing features and/or implementation of totally new features. Preview Program members typically get access to these system updates and new features a few weeks in advance of them being released to all Xbox One members. 1 How do I sign up for the Xbox One Preview program? The Preview program is by invitation only. If your friends are already in the program, they can invite you by using the Invite friends page in the Xbox Preview Dashboard app. Occasionally I will give Preview program codes out on my social media channels (mostly Twitter) and sometimes you can score a code by attending a special event – but your best chance of being invited into the program is by someone already in the program. How will I know if I’ve been selected? If your invitation into the Preview program is approved you will get a service message on your Xbox One which will include a link to download the Xbox Preview Dashboard app. You’ll need to use the app to register your console for Preview updates. What is the Xbox Preview Dashboard app? The Xbox Preview Dashboard app is the place for Preview participants to give feedback about the program, get the latest news, change console enrollment settings, and report problems. If you’ve been invited to join the program, you’ll get a service message on your console with a link to download the app. When you launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard app, you will typically see the following options:

  • Quick poll
  • Rate this update
  • Announcements
  • Invite Friends
  • Quests
  • Registration
  • My Stats
  • Surveys
  • Report a problem
  • Feature request

Capture How do I know if there is a new update available? You can verify you have the current update installed by selecting System, Console Info on your Xbox One dashboard and comparing your current OS Version with the OS version listed in the Announcements of the Xbox Preview Dashboard app. Anytime a new update is available to Preview program members, I will post it on my blog and tweet about it when the update first starts rolling out – so you might read about it before you actually see it show up on your console. How do I download the new update when it is available? Downloading the new update will depend on how your console is configured. If you have the “Automatically download updates and purchases” option checked in your Power & startup options, then the update will automatically be pushed to your system when it is available. If you don’t have this option checked, you can check to see if there are any new updates pending by navigating to your system settings. Preview updates often have staggered release times, so your system might not update as soon as the update is released. Can I stop participating in the program? Of course. Membership in the Preview Program is voluntary and if you decide you don’t want to get preview updates anymore, you can opt out in the Xbox Preview Dashboard app. For more information how to opt out, see the official FAQ. What do I do if I need assistance with an Xbox One system update? Visit the official support website. What do I do if I need help with My Account? Visit the official support website. Here are some other useful links to help new Preview Program members or those interested in learning more about the program.




When will Preview Program members get access to the new Xbox One User Interface (UI)? No official announcement has been released regarding the new Xbox One User Interface (UI) availability to Preview Program members.


Useful Links: Xbox One Preview Program FAQ Xbox Early Access Forums (Private – Preview Program members only)

Reddit – Xbox One (various Preview Program threads) We’re continually updating and improving the Xbox One to ensure you are getting the ultimate gaming experience. Many of the new features we’ve implemented over the past few months were a direct result of feedback we’ve received from Preview Program members, and from our fans who have shared their ideas with us at the Xbox Feedback website (if you have an idea you would like to see incorporated into the Xbox One, or if you want to vote on some of the other proposals, visit the Xbox Feedback website here). And for those of you still gaming on the Xbox 360 – there is a separate Preview Program is also available for the Xbox 360. Thanks again for your continued support!

Post last updated: July 15, 2015