E3 2014 Day 1

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Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson Host Xbox Live Twitter
e Co-Host Xbox Live Twitter
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  • ImTheMetalLord

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Must be a great job to have. I’m so jelly.


  • Charles

    You did a great job at E3, Xbox Team!


  • Jedi Dna

    So Major, Happy Wars for xbox one has cross platform play. This means that cross platform party chat is comming real soon right?


  • Raymond Magee

    Dear Major Nelson,
    I’m a big Xbox fan, but there are a few Xbox features I’d like to provide feedback on.
    1. New U.I.
    I’ve already mentioned this on the new Xbox feedback page (http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6041060-xbox-one-software-should-get-a-major-facelift). I believe it should be improved dramatically. Go to here to see the image: http://raymondmagee.weebly.com/blog-page/xbox-image
    2. While I do like the PS Vita and 3DS, no one buys them. But, the Vita comes with a second screen feature. So, I believe Microsoft should make a product that isn’t a handheld per say. More of a second screen broadcaster. However, all Xbox One games are automatically saved to this appliance and can be played anywhere on a 5 inch 2560 x 1440 display. The best part is that this doesn’t require Wi-Fi/3G. However, there can be exclusives games (similar to games like Halo: Spartan Assault) which are only available on this. These should be available on the Xbox store and the Windows App Store. It should also have a SIM card, so it can be possible be used as a phone. Either that, or make a portable gaming console, with the SIM card and auto-download feature. I think that it should be called Xbox ∞ (we’ll, I wouldn’t mind if it was something different. I’d like the next piece of hardware made by Xbox to be called Xbox ∞).
    3. VR headset.
    Something to compete with Sony’s Project Morpheus or the now-Facebook owned Oculus Rift. It would be so cool.
    4. Two new software features.
    I hope this is announced in Gamescom, but I think there should be two new software features available in the next update. First, Cortana. I’m not sure if this involves Kinect or not, but I’d like to see a proper, smart A.I. implemented into Xbox One. Secondly, Xbox 360 (if possible, Xbox One) emulator. This can go one of two ways. Either experiment and figure out how to emulate a PowerPC chip to a x86-64 chip. That might be hard, but at least attempt. Or, if all else fails, launch a PS Now type service.
    Finally, 4. At E3 2016 (or 15), I think there should be an updated version of the Xbox One. Something smaller, sleeker and something that ships with the best hardware of its time. For references on what to do, look back at the announcement of the 360 S. Microsoft announced a new Xbox 360 (with better hardware and fixing problems which needed fixing), revealed it, announced that it was shipping the model “today”, and then offered everyone in the audiences a free 360 S. That was fantastic! Do the same when you announce the Xbox One S. Also, refine the controller to. A share button always comes in handy. For more info on my though, visit here:
    (P.S., sorry for the long comment).


    • Death Dealer

      1. UI will improve dramatically over the lifespan of the console, just like the Xbox 360, though that also needs some work now too as it has become slow.
      2. The new controllers do provide enough power to power a secondary display, but I heard development on that was dropped because it was too expensive and SmartGlass provides enough to duplicate it and will no doubt improve on its functionality over time as well.
      3. VR will go nowhere if the price isn’t right in consumers’ minds. Just like 3D. MS should simply talk to Oculus and Samsung (yes, they make better stuff than Sony) and make an update to their SDK to allow implementation for developers.
      4. Cortana should be coming to the Xbox One in due time. It’s still in development stages on Windows Phone and it’s also coming to Windows 8 PCs soon.
      Xbox 360 emulation is impossible on the Xbox One, it’s APU isn’t strong enough. Original Xbox emulation, yes, it should be possible. Will MS do it though? Probably not. A streaming service would be easier to make for them, but streaming games still has quite a lot of problems.
      5. Wholly agree, MS should scale their hardware up every 2-3 years and make it their own Steambox type environment and now that the Kinect is no longer mandatory we need the player indicators back on the controllers.


  • Raul Rangel

    You guys did an awesome job! Proud to be an Xbox Fan since day one.


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