MNR 539: Randy Pitchford “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection”

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  • Ganon255

    Thank you for the show. I love interviews you score.


  • Reclaimer Rob

    Awesome, thank you for the show. After last week’s show I decided to buy BF: Hardline (Deluxe Digital Edition) on Monday and was playing it right at 11pm CST later that night, and a big part of it was cause of the interview I heard you do.

    Due to that, I’m a bit scared to listen to this interview cause I know i’ll probably do it again with the Borderlands Collection now, even though I’ve played through both games and DLC to completion. They’re just so fun though…


    • Bobo Tapia

      Well the Clap Trap dlc isn’t out yet, so you could buy the collection for that. Lol


    • ZenFranklin

      All the DLC for the PreSequel hasn’t been released yet so dont know how you’ve played everything.


  • evilfangs .

    That claptrap edition costs £289…for a toy. You could get a X1 or PS4 for that. People have more money then sense, buying that.


    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      If was rich I would buy that edition, till then the standard edition will


  • Sean Hussey

    Pitchford’s audio sounds awful had to stop listening.


  • Andy Lowther

    Any chance at a discounted version for those who bought both versions on last Gen systems a la Mojang and the deal they did with Minecraft? Especially since some of us bought the presequel on the older system since you (Randy) stated it would not be ported to the next gen? I would have waited for the port if I hadn’t read that it wasn’t going to happen.


  • Magnus Mad Krantz

    Again. Dont forget about the Kinect for Xbox One. Have stuff coming for it. Both games and functions. Please.


  • Kevin Grogan

    Thanks fellas!


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