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Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson Host Xbox Live Twitter
e Co-Host Xbox Live Twitter
Rubes Co-Host Xbox Live Twitter
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  • ImTheMetalLord

    This is awesome…pretty much talking only about games. Heard of some things I’m very interested in.


  • Kevin Fell

    Hi Larry,

    See if you can persuade Phil to sit in on a show as a special guest.

    – Kevin.


  • Robotron2084

    Hello Larry,

    You have been kind to me in the past when I had tech trouble when the 360 was released. I have send a letter to Phil but I do not think that it will reach him. I am leaving it here for you because I wanted to say goodbye as directly as I could.

    Today is a sad day to be a gamer.

    Recently a scandal has emerged that there has been manipulation between a PR company, developers and the Independent Games Festival. People had asked the press for transparency in reporting, but were instead attacked by that very same press as they launched many articles condemning video game players as bigots. Because a woman was at the center of attention they painted the entire scandal as gamers hating women. Why did they do this? Because after much internet sleuthing it was discovered that they are all tied together financially and leverage the press and awards in favor of the games they are involved in.

    Gamers and non gamers alike were outraged and took to the internet creating videos, tweeting and posting on forums trying to get the media to speak out about this. The press and others supporting them chose to attack instead. People received threatening phone calls, game sites that did not agree were shut down and had to find new providers, a campaign for women in gaming was hacked, doxxed and shut down, gamers were harassed and insulted, and finally death threats were made.

    Years ago these people created a problem that did not exist in video games. They wrote articles and complained about the content in gaming. Developers have been called racist and misogynist by these websites claiming to care about games, instead they have decided they are our heroes and have come to save us from ourselves. Jack Thompson should have acted a better victim when he received threats because he may have succeeded in his campaign.

    Much of this was tweeted by actor Adam Baldwin and author Christina Hoff Sommers and they were also attacked with vitriol and even lies printed online from the press. What people wanted was fairness and decency in the industry for everyone. What we received was an attack and we were told in many websites was that this is the death of the gamer.

    Yesterday Kotaku started collecting signatures from the industry to support their lie. Their next attack was to say it was time to end the hatred and attacks against developers. What hatred and attack? There can be no way to measure what gamers have gone through this past week with the attack on them, yet there are no articles being posted about this. There is no support for the gamer anymore.

    What sickens me the most is seeing your company sign this document put forth by a corrupt media system that has an agenda that will destroy gaming and line their pockets with money. I do not know your reasons for these actions but I can no longer support them.

    I have been playing video games since the late 70’s. I remember Night Driver and then Space Invaders showing up and it changed my world. I remember my first home console was an Atari 2600 and my first computer was an Atari 800xl that I ran a BBS from. I remember the game crash, but in the PC world the games were still around. I remember buying my first Xbox, then I also purchased both the Halo Green and Crystal versions. The same with the 360 which I also bought three of.

    I had a white Xbox One on order with a few games but that has been cancelled now. I am no longer going to play games anymore. I am done. This industry is dead to me and it is too corrupt to fix. In some sad way I felt deep pain in my heart reading those signatures collected. It was stupid of me to expect any less. I did not expect the big players to pick a side, but I thought they may actually try to help their source of income….the people who buy everything.

    So thanks for the memories. I hope it your decision to alienate the gamer and side with the corrupt press works out for you. I will miss you.

    Take care


  • sibtrag

    Only partway through, but I laughed when you (Larry) made the distinction that e “supports the ducks” and that you “GRADUATED from Syracuse University”.


  • Dave Poortvliet

    Any chance we can get a list with links to all the games mentioned in the podcast?


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