Show 454: Bas Rutten, XCOM, Dishonored and Stepto

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Here Comes The Boom interview 00:00
Jake Solomon interview 00:00
XCOM: Enemy Unknown interview 00:00
Harvey Smith interview 00:00
Dishonored interview 00:00
GAEMS UNSC Vanguard interview 00:00
12:01 a.m. Pacific on Oct 19, 2012 interview 00:00
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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  • Alex

    you sounded like leo laporte, not a bad thing


  • Major Nelson

    I’ve also posted the show on my Soundcloud account:


  • Chisox4ever

    I loved the show and that case looks nice. It will be perfect for those long trips down south next summer.


  • Tony A

    I would love to use that case in my BIG RIG!!! Twitter @YNOTGEETAR


  • unicron109

    Would love one of those to bring my Xbox on the go. @unicron109:disqus


  • Rob

    Long-time listener commenting in regards to the contest. I’ve been a huge into Halo for a decade now (I read all the novels, etc.) and Halo is literally the best aspect of my life to be honest. I know it’s not necessary to suck up and say all this, but I love sharing my love for Halo and everyone who knows me IRL knows that is true. 🙂

    Thank you for another show as well, they’re always nice to have and I wish there was a way to get some of the older ones from early 2006 online to download somehow.


  • Christopher corrick

    love the show can not wait for halo 4, would love if you could spend some time talking about the forward unto dawn episodes as i think the are great and love see what you guys think, and just to get major nelson jelous we get skyfall on 26 oct in the uk we be tnink of you when i go to my midnite show


  • Kelly Felhaber

    Would love to have one of these. I think it would make a great Christmas gift for my 10 year old. Twitter and Xbox Gamertag: @onyx62is


  • msbytes

    That case would be great for taking my Xbox on trips. @chucklemke



    Hey guys! I enjoyed another great show as always. Personally, I cant wait for Halo 4 and Call of Duty. I love the gaming community and everyone in it.


  • Harbinger79

    my family has 3 TV’s in my home. One in the living room, thats the movie one. There’s one TV in my fiancee & my room. And finally, one TV in the kids room. However, my daughter tends to bully her older brothers for the TV and my bonus can’t play Xbox. It would be nice to have one of the suitcases to put the Xbox in so the boys can get their game on.


  • Bartek Socha

    Would be great to have one when going on business trip. Btw: great show this week,


  • Brian Byers

    I love the show and listen each week. Great to hear back from Stepto, I was wondering what he was doing now. Would give this case a good home…..My kids would love it! @xbyersx GT Byers101 email


  • Ed Million

    Loved the show (as always). The interviews were great, but especially loved the Stepto interview and getting some details on the GAEMS units that I’ve been after for months!! Have had my eye on them for a while to be able to carry a console with me when I travel on business.


  • Brook Girkin

    Love the show, keep up the great work! @BrookGirkin


  • Michael Contini

    Great show today, enjoyed the interviews. I have been eyeing the g155 and the new version looks awsome!!!!


  • Aaron Stephens

    Great show guys! Good to hear stepto back on the show.


  • Richard Morley

    I’ve just been on the U.K.’s Amazon so I can’t find the Vanguard It is going to be on the UK Amazon site


  • Mariner Mike

    Just listened to the show and it was great to hear Stepto’s voice again and hope that he is able to come on the show more often. I am very excited about the expanded line of the GAEMS cases. I had contacted the company back in July/Aug of 2011 about getting a larger monitor for their original G155 version, because I was traveling around with a 24″ LCD monitor and my Xbox 360 at the time. So personally it is good to see that Stepto joined the team and help make my dream come true. Also have the case the same size is very key for me. Getting on an airplane with a 24″ monitor is very hard. I would like to win that Halo UNSC Vanguard so that I can travel and game in style. Nice job Stepto and the rest of the GAEMS team!


  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    I’d like to win the case because my campus gamer’s club has very few 360s. I often take my console but don’t have a spare TV.


  • Andrew Logan

    The Vanguard looks great.


  • Nesagi

    Great show as always


  • Rafael Schmidt

    Brazillian listener here! Even with the evergrowing quality of Microsoft’s service here in the country, other publishers hardly follow the example, and great games such as Dishonored or XCOM are pratically impossible to be purchased on day 1, and even after some days the price goes sky high (talk about U$90 – U$100)

    As result, I’m patiently waiting for my U$60 import copy of XCOM…
    (Also, Stepto contest!)


  • Edouard Michel

    Great Show, gadgets are usually my favorite. If I had that case, I would finally play games in my own room.


  • Karl Cramer

    Sad to hear that Larry ate at that fast food chicken place so often because, well, you know.


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