Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, shares some details about the final beta for Sea of Thieves.

It seems like just yesterday that we launched the Insider Programme for Sea of Thieves. We felt that getting our game into player’s hands early, learning from their feedback and growing a community around this game was critical for a new, shared-world experience like Sea of Thieves. We started with our first 1,000 players in December 2016, and we have been steadily growing the player base and feature set throughout the last year.

Since we began we have seen our community grow and players adventure in our magical world. We have seen battles held, friends made, instruments played and quite a bit of overindulgence on our surprisingly strong grog. Most excitingly, we have seen many, many amazing stories from our players, and recently we allowed them to share these with the world during our Closed Beta. It was incredible to be able watch players live in Sea of Thieves for the first time, to see their adventures unfold first-hand and to hear the stories they had to share.

As we head towards launch on March 20, we have one Final Beta test to run. This gives us an opportunity to grow our scale testing to our largest number yet, it allows us to test a broader range of features than ever before and it also gives anyone that is interested a chance to play and experience Sea of Thieves first-hand.

With that in mind, we are announcing the Sea of Thieves Final Beta, available now and running through to 2 a.m. PST (10 a.m. GMT) on Sunday, March 11.

Who can take part in the Final Beta?

This is open to absolutely anyone to play, and can be downloaded now from the Store on Xbox One and Windows 10. To install, you will just need to search for and install the Sea of Thieves Final Beta. The Sea of Thieves Final Beta requires an Xbox LIVE account on both PC and Xbox One, with an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required on Xbox One.

What will I be playing?

In the Final Beta, alongside the Gold Hoarders, we will be testing Merchant Alliance voyages for the first time, giving players an entirely new way to play. As well, we are now introducing an emergent, intense opportunity into the world, with the chance of a Skeleton Fort now being occupied. Watch out for that tell-tale Skull Cloud above a fort which indicates the chance of great rewards, but also great risk. Will other players have seen it? Or might they even be there already? Will you work together or against each other? We can’t wait to watch and find out.

In addition, we’re excited to announce that Sea of Thieves’ Xbox One X enhancements will be available during the Final Beta! We’re thrilled that players will be able to experience Sea of Thieves in 4K on the most powerful console ever made.

Can I share my stories?

Absolutely! Whether co-streaming on Mixer, sharing on Twitch, uploading to YouTube or sharing via Game DVR, we are thoroughly looking forward to seeing what our players get up to.

What can I expect?

This is our biggest test yet, and we are excited to see how many players turn up, but we also want to ensure a good experience for everyone that is in and playing. What this means is that as we hit peak times, we might have to temporarily put a hold on other players joining whilst we manage player load. If this happens, we will be sharing the latest news and status via the status page on, and we will be sharing regular updates on Twitter from the official @SeaOfThieves handle.

Thanks to everyone that has helped us get to where we are so far. Everyone who has played in the Technical Alpha, Closed Beta or scale tests – anyone who has submitted ideas and feedback, filled out surveys, shared their stories or made friends in our world – we wouldn’t be where we are without you, and we cannot wait to see where this adventure takes us next.

Here’s to the next leg of the journey.

Sea of Thieves is now available for pre-order in the Xbox Store and Windows Store, and you can play the game at launch on March 20 as part of Xbox Game Pass. For the latest on Sea of Thieves, stay tuned to Xbox Wire and

As a reminder, the first episode of Inside Xbox returns on March 10th and will include coverage of Sea of Thieves. Details on how to watch the live show can be found here.

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Game Description: Play METAL GEAR SURVIVE’S CO-OP mode before the release of the full game! You will be one of the first to discover a thrilling and strategic team mode, taking place in a world infested by hostile creatures.

Experience the CO-OP mode in which up to 4 players team up and fight together, with 2 stages (Wrecked Base & Deserted Mine) and 3 different missions available.

The METAL GEAR SURVIVE beta runs from 18 to 21 January. You will unlock the following rewards for the full game for participating in the beta – FOX Hound nameplate, Metal Gear Rex Head and a bandanna.

*You will not be able to carry over your save data to the full game.

Download METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Pre-Order the METAL GEAR SURVIVE Pre-Order Bundle for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Twitter: @Konami / @metalgear_en

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, shares details about the upcoming launch of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, releasing February 20th on Windows 10 PC.

When we set out to create the Definitive Edition of the original Age of Empires, our goal was to deliver the best possible version of this classic, from a top notch audio-visual presentation to multiplayer to core game systems. Everything needed to be as good as you remembered it (or better!) to deliver a compelling RTS experience 20 years after its original release.

…and that took us a bit longer than we’d originally planned. But, it was important for the team to treat the Age of Empires franchise with the respect it deserves, so we took the time we needed to get features like attack-move and the improved minimap exactly right, and even added things like an in-game tech tree (how did we survive 1997 without that?) that we hope fans will love.

And now I’m happy to announce that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is launching on February 20 worldwide for Windows 10 PCs at $19.99 USD.

For this Definitive Edition, we’ve made improvements like:

  • Completely rebuilding assets for a modern 4K presentation
  • Letting you play online with Xbox LIVE (in addition to LAN play)
  • Re-recorded the original soundtrack with a new orchestral score
  • Adding campaign narration for every mission
  • Enhancing the campaign and scenario editor, which allows anyone to make original custom campaigns for the game, by letting players easily share them with other players around the world via

The above and more outline the many quality of life gameplay improvements we’ve added – all while retaining the original feel and unique gameplay that made Age of Empires so special for so many.

To celebrate this announce, we’re also opening up the multiplayer beta to more players worldwide starting January 29 so everyone can get a taste of the game for free before it launches on February 20. You can find more information on the beta and sign up for it at

We’re excited to get Age of Empires: Definitive Edition into the hands of players this February and we thank you for your patience while we put the finishing touches on it!

Welcome back to history!

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Game Description: Join the OPEN BETA now to get a first punchy glimpse at what DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ has to offer. Go head to head in the VS Online with no less than 11 characters (Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Krillin, Piccolo, Nappa, Android 18, Beerus) and 7 stages. But don’t forget to also stop by the Tutorial to sharpen your skills and master all kinds of devastating techniques!

The Open Beta servers are scheduled to be on at the following times:

January 13, 2018 at 00:00-23:59 (PST) – for those with early access

January 14, 2018 at 00:00 to January 15, 2018 at 23:59 (PST) – for everyone

Download DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Open Beta for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO 
Twitter: @ArcSystemWorksU / @BandaiNamcoUS

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Content: Steep Road to the Olympics Beta
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Game Description: The Steep Road to the Olympics Beta allows you to get a taste of the expansion through official Olympic events in South Korea. Enjoy the deep snow mountains of Japan and speed through unique landmarks, showing your skills in new snowparks! This beta is available for all players (Steep base game not required) and features only a small portion of the full game experience.

Download Steep Road to the Olympics Beta for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Website: Steep
Twitter: @Ubisoft / @Steep_Game


Content: EA SPORTS NHL 18 – Beta
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Game Description: Be the first to experience new Creative Attack controls, the first-ever Defensive Skill Stick and the brand new 3-on-3 NHL THREES mode in the NHL 18 – Beta.

EA SPORTS NHL 18 introduces the thrill and creativity of today’s young NHL superstars through new Creative Skill Stick gameplay controls, a brand new 3-on-3 arcade-inspired hockey experience in *NHL Threes,* and the most multiplayer options to play cooperatively or competitively with friends ever delivered in a sports videogame.

Download EA SPORTS NHL 18 – Beta for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: EA SPORTS NHL 18 – Beta

There are 3 versions of EA SPORTS NHL 18 available for pre-order:

EA SPORTS NHL 18 Standard Edition – This bundle includes the game. Pre-Order the NHL 18 Standard Edition now and receive 1 Gold Plus Pack per week for 5 weeks.

EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Edition – This bundle includes the game. Pre-Order the NHL 18 Deluxe Edition now and receive 1 Gold Plus Pack per week for 20 weeks.

EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition – This bundle includes the game. Pre-Order the NHL 18 Super Deluxe Edition now and receive 2 Gold Plus Packs per week for 20 weeks.

Content: PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 Online Beta
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Game Description: The PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 Online Beta is live now until 31 July and includes a Quickmatch and Online CO-OP mode.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 new features new lighting, reworked player models and animations covering everything from facial expressions to body movement to bring the game to life; new pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, presentations and functionality; a mode dedicated to co-op playand more.

Download PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 Online Beta for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Website: PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 Online Beta
Twitter: @officialpes

There are 2 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 available for pre-order:

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 Pre-Order Bundle – Pre-order now to receive exclusive content including 2x Premium Partner Agents for myClub, UCL Agent for myClub, exclusive Agent for myClub plus you will also receive bonus myClub content.

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 – FC Barcelona Edition Pre-Order Bundle – A special edition version dedicated to FC Barcelona and PES fans! Get exclusive content for myClub associated with the club including 1x FCB Special Agent, 1x FCB Legend Special Agent, 1,000 myClub coins and more. You will also receive all of the pre-order bonuses included in the standard edition version.

With the Destiny 2 Beta starting tomorrow, here are a few things that can help you maximize your Destiny 2 Beta time:

July 19, 2017 Destiny 2 Beta becomes playable for users who have pre-ordered any version of Destiny 2.

July 21, 2017 Destiny 2 Beta becomes available for all Xbox One users with Xbox Live Gold.

When you pre-order any version of Destiny 2 digitally on the Xbox Store, you will gain access to the Destiny 2 Beta. In order to participate in this beta, you will then need download the Destiny 2 Beta from the Xbox Store. You can do that by searching for “Destiny 2 Beta” on the store on the Xbox One console or by downloading from the Microsoft Online Store. If the beta does not automatically install to your console after downloading from the Microsoft Online Store, be sure to check your Ready to install section and start the download from there.

If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 from a retailer, you will receive a redeemable beta code that you can enter on the Bungie Code Redemption site. Once redeemed, you will choose your platform of choice a code and further instructions will be sent to you via email.

For more information on the Destiny 2 Beta, be sure to check out the Official Destiny 2 Beta FAQ and if you have any further questions or need any assistance, always feel free to reach out to @XboxSupport.

There are 3 versions of Destiny 2 available for pre-order – Click each link for more details or see below.

Destiny 2 – This bundle includes the base game.

Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle – This bundles includes a copy of Destiny 2 and the Expansion Pass to continue your Guardian’s legend.

Destiny 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition – This bundle includes a copy of Destiny 2, premium digital content, and the Expansion Pass to continue your Guardian’s legend.