Content: Shadow Complex Remastered
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Game Description: ChAIR’s fresh twist on classic side-scrolling design with modern, cutting-edge gameplay is amplified in Shadow Complex Remastered, featuring all of the content from the award-winning original game, updated with graphical enhancements, all-new dynamic melee take-downs, and additional Achievements and Master Challenges. Through 10+ hours of exploration and fast-paced combat, players discover game-altering power-ups to overcome obstacles, thwart legions of enemies, and delve further into a mysterious and challenging, non-linear game world.

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Update: Shadow Complex Remastered is now available on Windows 10 (04 May 2016)

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Product Info:
Developer: ChAIR Entertainment, Hardsuit Labs
Publisher: Epic Games Inc.
Website: Shadow Complex Remastered
Twitter: @ChAIRGAMES  / @HardsuitLabs / @EpicGames / @shadowcomplex

Content: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
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Game Description: Besiege castles and raid villages in this 24 player online experience. Trade in your guns and grenades to test your mettle against cold hard steel on the medieval battlefield. Includes over 25 battlefields, up to 24 player online multiplayer, and an all new Horde Mode. Deep melee combat system allows you to wield an arsenal of 60+ brutal weapons ranging from broad swords to longbows. Switch between the intense combat of first-person to the tactical view of third-person anytime during battle.

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Product Info:
Developer: Torn Banner, Hardsuit Labs
Publisher: Activision
Website: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Twitter: @TornBanner

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – this bundle includes the game.