March 16th 2012 4:53 pm PT

Show 432: COD Content Drops and how to get into Game Journalism

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Interview: Eric Biessman, COD Content Season (33:20 - 44:08)
Interview: Dan Amrich, Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living  (44:08 - 1:16:04)

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  • Major Nelson

    I was pressed for time on the link list, so If I forgot to post one let me know. I know you won’t be shy about it.

  • Anonymous

    In order to be a journalist you can’t find any flaw with Mass Effect 3.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the link for Dear Esther, one of the games I mentioned I played this week:

    • Major Nelson

      I’ll add that to the links!

    • Ganon255

      I picked up a copy, thanks

  • dibils

    no google video conversation or whatever its called??? lol

    • Anonymous

      Podcasts are on Friday.

      If they do a G+ Hangout those appear on a Monday, but typically take place on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Phil Harrison in town, on campus, a stones throw away, and you failed to do an interview while he was there.  So disappoint.

    Also how are the interviews going for a 4th person on the Podcast?  Any announcements?  Have you interviewed Andy Farrant for the spot yet?  I’m telling you, adding someone with a British accent will totally class-up the joint.  Not only that, but instantly your female listenership will skyrocket.  Chicks dig accents.

    Not only that, Andy will add an International flavor to an inarguably all-American cast.  I mean, if every UK listener “Liked” this comment, maybe you’d get an idea of how many of your UK listeners like the idea of the podcast adding someone from the UK. 

    • Anonymous

      Better off ditching the token girl and going back to just Major and E.

    • Anonymous

      No, the show works better with more people.  If the show was just Major and E it would end-up being either too short or a lot of seemingly ceaseless bickering.  The show benefits from different perspectives and different personalities.  Laura adds something to the show.  Major and E, while they have different personalities both have similar perspectives of the business.  Too frequently they’re in the same meetings not able to talk about the same things.  Laura brings both a different perspective and personality to the show, as did Stepto.

      Is Andy necessarily the best choice as a new voice on the show?  Probably not, he seems to be either a marketing guy like Major or a platform guy like E.  Haven’t quite nailed down where the Sentuamessage guys fit in.  However, Andy seems to do the most travelling of the two, and if you’re going to bring in a new perspective of gaming, why not bring in a voice from the UK that’s on-air ready?

      Heck, if there is an Irish or Scottish lass on the Xbox team in the UK, I am all-in for listening to her for an hour or two talk about gaming (or just talking about anything in general).  It isn’t about guys vs.girls, I much prefer the Irish/Scottish ladies and their sweet melodic voices, but last I’ve seen there haven’t been too many of those doing gaming podcasts or videos for Microsoft.Note:  This is actually in response to a reply to my original post, but that reply is either in moderation or has been removed.

    • Karl Cramer

      Three people is the right amount. There’s a reason radio talk shows follow that format (two hosts, one newsperson) because four or more starts causing audio confusion. I don’t know how many times I got e and Stepto mixed up.

      • Anonymous

        The reason radio shows have the number of talent they do is because they have to pay them and the more talent you have on a show the more you pay for that talent.I believe not only is the podcast independent of Microsoft, but so too is the blog itself.  Thus, unless I’m wrong, no one is directly paid for their involvement in the podcast. 

        I agree E and Stepto sound pretty similar.  In fact I think they look similar, but I’m pretty sure people would be able to tell the difference between Larry, E, Laura, and Andy.  I have faith in them (Psst … Here’s a hint: he’s the one with the British accent and he goes by the name Andy — don’t tell anyone else though).

  • Major Nelson

    Thx. I’ve added them. I’ll add the last one when the content is live.

    • Timothy

       Just a reminder about adding the last link as the content collection has gone live.

  • Brad Young

    Going to give it a listen during work tomorrow! This one is longer than some recent ones, so this will be perfect for after lunch listening!!

  • Anonymous

    i have a uniqe idea for an xbox site!! whom i must contact?? i need acces to gamer profile details!! thanks (greek Micrososft and greek xboxlive support dont know what to do)

  • Anonymous

    A pox on you!  I’m supposed to be doing my taxes, but I keep looking at my phone to see if my “Draw Something” partners have responded…

  • Anonymous

    Are there any plans to get the “Coming soon” posts back to advance-notice?   Every two weeks we get zero notice of what the deal of the week is now, and one week notice of next weeks.  This would be fine if this were a weekly post, but posting on the day of defeats the purpose of planning ahead.

    Also, did they leave stuff off the late “Recently reduced” list?   It appears that price drops go into effect within the 1st few days of a month, but it takes more than 2 weeks into it just to put links up to them.   It causes people like me to dig through… price drops were noted on Blacklight: Tango Down, War Worlds, and Voodoo Dice but weren’t added to the reduced page on the dashboard.  

    Stuff appears to be falling by the wayside… I didn’t even see a tile in the dash for the Namco sale last week.   Perhaps you need more lackeys!

    • Kairu

      It’ll probably be some repeated deal like always. Maybe another Rockstar deal? Some crappy Avatar gear that is completely useless, perhaps? Or maybe, for a real treat, dance central songs!

  • Anonymous

     microsoft just announced they will be charging people money for fast 
    forwarding through commercials on your DVR system within the upcoming
    months. Goodbye microsoft, your greed and power hungry ideas are getting
    way too over the top. Honestly enough is enough. Selling every MS
    product i have. Sony or bust!!

  • Josh Martin


  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t hear which TD game e was playing that wasn’t Triple Town. Pleas clarify…

  • Anonymous

    Laura with a cold sounds like Felicia Day.