Major Nelson Holiday Hangout

You are cordially invite to join us (e, lollipop and me – Jeff is on vacation) Tuesday night, December 2nd at 9p ET/6p PT for the first annual Major Nelson Holiday Hangout. Think of it as a podcast but, for better or worse, you can see us.

We’ll answer some of your questions, talk about the latest game releases, as well as other random topics.  We’ll have some game codes to giveaway, plus Geoff Keighly will be joining us live from Las Vegas to talk about the The Game Awards.

I’ll also talk about the free community event I am hosting this Thursday in Las Vegas where you can win ticket to The Game Awards.

Click here to find out what time the Hangout starts in your time zone.




26 thoughts on “Major Nelson Holiday Hangout

  1. Well this could be nice, but why spoil it with the game awards? those things are trash and have no actual thought into it. People just click on the name of the game they know is most popular. And as for entertainment goes, well when the Situation from the Jersey Shore tried to impress Mike Tyson with his abs I knew it was time to stop watching

    1. Agreed, but I fear the awards are influenced more by advertiser dollars and less with even just random “clicks”.

      With the way game consoles/PCs record game statistics – “Game of the Year” should be the games (one for each system) that amasses the most playtime by the most gamers. And only games released within a specific time window (ie: Nov 2013 – Nov 2014) would be eligible. Additional awards could go to games that sold the most copies.

  2. Hello MajorNelson, i was about to buy brothers, and then xbox live went down. Is there any way i can still get it at the duscounted price tomorrow?

  3. Why is XBL having issues AGAIN? It’s been happening way too often. You’d think with today’s tech that this wouldn’t happen as much as it does.

      1. I thought the trailer was hilarious. And they’re no threat we have 10 times their nukes and missle destruction capabilities thanks to Reagan.

  4. So…does anyone have an ETA for Xbox Live to be back up? I really wanted to buy some of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals…but I haven’t been able to do anything via the store since 7 pm today.

      1. The funny thing is when it was out last night the website was down too so there was no getting updates there. I was able to download the games I bought last night but it does look like during the issues I got double charged for a game. Will have to call them later to get that taken care of.

      2. Yeah just phone them up and explain, should be an easy fix.

        If the website goes down at the same time you can always go on Xbox support on twitter.

  5. The sale for this week is fantastic!!! I will buy Saints Row IV and its season pass and Dead Island Riptide!!! Woohoo!!!!

    Xbox Live for me is up and running!

    1. Yep can’t believe how much is on sale this week again. Love it. But it’s draining my bank account fast. I’m lucky though I have no one I need to buy Christmas gifts for so I get to spend it on me. 😀

  6. Talk about features that still need adding to the xbox one such as private chat, hide media player when playing music and play voice through speakers and possibly dates for when these features will be added there some of the top requested.

  7. This might not be the place, but been loving GW3, however the game keeps saying the servers are offline (leaderboards) is this just me, I haven’t seen anything (but I haven’t looked that hard)

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